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Writing the Marketing Plan Proposal

WRITING THE MARKETING PLAN PROPOSAL Getting started: The marketing plan is for either a new product/service and /or product service already in existence. Specifically it is an expansion upon the planning process described in chapter 2 and how it might be implemented. This is a group project. All of you would be a part of group working on Marketing Plan assignment. Each group will develop a marketing plan for some existing or planned profit oriented or non-profit business. I want one proposal per group.

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The list would be available under doc sharing. Post your Marketing Plan Proposal in “Marketing Plan discussion forum. ” Each group sign up for a Plan by writing a summary of the Marketing Plan group would like to do. Write a short identifier (proposal) of the, business or planned business, i. e. what it is, where it will be, profiles of the projected target market, etc. This proposal is a short document, summarizing your project. (I will contact you with confirmation to proceed, if acceptable, and any suggestions. . I would suggest at this stage submit marketing plan 4-5 objectives. I would discuss this in more detail during the first chat session. The list of the companies is provided. The selection of the project must be submitted in dropbox for approval by August 15, 2011. Review Exhibit 21–4, pages 578-579 in the text book. Choose from the following topics but if you’re interested in any other topic please let me know: TOPICS FOR MARKETING PLAN 1. BASIC MATERIALS- SPECIAL CHEMICALS 2. CONSUMER GOODS – APPLIANCES 3.

CONSUMER GOODS- CLEANING PRODUCTS 4. CONSUMER GOODS- PACKING AND CONTAINERS 5. CONSUMER GOODS- DAIRY PRODUCTS 6. CONSUMER GOODS- RUBBER AND PLASTICS 7. FINANCIAL- CREDIT SERVICES 8. FINANCIAL- LIFE INSURANCE 9. HEALTHCARE-BIOTECHNOLOGY 10. HEALTHCARE- HEALTHCARE PLANS 11. HEALTHCARE- LONG-TERM CARE FACILITIES 12. INDUSTRIAL GOODS- CEMENT 13. INDUSTRIAL GOODS- WASTE MANAGEMENT 14. SERVICES- ADVERTISING AGENCIES 15. SERVICES- GAMING ACTIVITIES 16. SERVICES- LODGING 17. SERVICES- MOVIE PRODUCTION- THEATRES 18. SERVICES- RESORTS& CASINOS 9. UTILITIES- FOREIGN UTILITIES Note: This is a TEAM WORK, GROUP MEMBER ASSIGNMENT: The group members ARE NOT assigned. (I would form the groups by the end of first day) The ability to work in teams is important in today’s business environment. This is particularly true for many marketing-related projects. Therefore, group work is required in this class. It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that work is equally distributed. In cases of NON- PARTICIPATION, do not hesitate to bring this to my attention for immediate intervention.

This is important since everyone in the group will receive the same grade for the project analysis unless a member’s participation is substandard. PEER EVALUATION: To insure that group members cooperate and equally contribute to the team’s efforts, each student is asked to evaluate his/her teammates as needed. A standard form will be provided before the submission of final marketing plan by the group. Comments should be provided to support your evaluation. To keep the evaluation confidential, you must submit your comments and evaluation to the dropbox.


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