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Writing a Summary

The episode I watched was based on a kidnapping of a child named Kendall George, who was stolen from his crib. The police were called immediately by the mother who discovered the child was missing from his crib four hours after putting him to sleep. The former husband of Laura Kowalski, Dan Kowalski, a gambler and a drunk. After being tracked down they find that his alibi is accurate and he could not have taken Kendall. The prime suspect is now the mother who had discarded all of Kennel’s things. After a crude and biased interview from a heartless reporter Laura Kowalski Eng herself.

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The DNA gathered from the crime scene proved to not be Laurel’s but someone else. The forensic team tried to match the DNA to Dan and discovered he was not the father. The police began to question Laurel’s friends and Dan to find out who the biological father may be. The Detective, Elliot Stables, found out that Laurel’s former Husband was called Patty and he was very abusive. After tracking down Patty’s relative he was able to locate his mother who flatly denied that her son was involved in any kidnapping. The child was found a couple hours later clean, healthy ND fed outside the fire station.

Patty, who is the biological father tries to claim the baby but is assaulted by Dan. Patty sues Detective Elliot for violating his human rights and civil rights. In the courtroom in a plea to show that he loved the Kendall from the moment of his existence he provided a sonogram. Later on Patty was convicted where it was later revealed that the only way he could have gotten the sonogram was if he stole it from the house when he kidnapped Kendall. He was found guilty of kidnapping and was convicted for eight years. Dan Kowalski was given custody of Kendall.

If I were a part of the Jury I would have also convicted Patty because the DNA test and the items Patty had match what was stolen from Laurel’s apartment. The Purpose of the Police officers in this case was to find the main suspect, bring them to court and retrieve the missing child. The Forensic had to locate the perpetrator using DNA (hair) collected at the scene. They had to narrow it down to over 200 people in the prison with the similar DNA. They then had to use information collected to pick the correct relative to then find the actually suspect. The police were needed to build up enough evidence to convict their suspect.


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