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Workplace stress

However, in 2013 the simplistic America ceases to exist. Today’s corporations, small or large, are facing heavy pressure from like businesses around the world causing some to reduce their overhead cost by reorganizing, downsizing and laying off employees just to remain competitive. As a result, workplace stress is affecting companies worldwide. Although reducing the cost of labor has helped corporations remain competitive, it has generated a new problem for corporations, workplace stress.

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Due to continuous changes in the workplace, employees feel stressed. The causes of oracle stress have different variables, but the focus within this paper will be on the following three causes of workplace stress. First, the economic recession coupled with fewer Jobs in the market has created a sense of Job insecurity. Second, employees are dealing with heavier workloads. Finally, managers are unsupported of their employees.

Two solutions for combating two of the three causes of stress are by management participating in stress training, and by employees separating themselves from work and partaking in hobbies, exercises and other extra curricular activities. Job insecurity is something that companies will struggle with in today’s economy. Job insecurity is becoming one of the biggest forms of workplace stress due to the economic recession, increase in unemployment, contingent workers, downsizing, De-layering and re-organizing businesses to cope with the challenges of world competitors.

According to (Van Oeuvre & Slanderer’s, 1990, p. 133) Job insecurity is defined, as a person’s “concern about the future permanence of one’s job” is a stress with numerous consequences. Having said that, every time you turn n the television, the media seems to be report on businesses suffering economic challenges with potential reductions in force, mergers or acquisitions. With all this dramatic attention given to these corporations and the reports of potential layoffs and downsizing, it is creating a lot of workplace stress on the American workforce.

For example, Southern California Edison (SEC), one of the largest utility companies in California which provides electricity to 50,000-square-miles of service territory throughout Southern California, announced June 17, 2013 the decommissioning of heir Nuclear Power Plant in San Clement, Cilia. SEC announced they would be letting go 900 of the 1500 employees in that facility. This does not account for the additional 2,300 other employees that were let go last year due to benchmarking and to remain competitive. The benchmarking confirmed Edison was over staffed compared to other utility companies of their size.

The employees at SEC are walking on eggshells, not knowing if tomorrow will be their last date of employment. These factors have made situations nation-wide. According to the Wall Street Journal, Black Berry, one of the arrest telecommunications companies is planning on cutting back 40 percent of its workforce, which equates to 5,000 Jobs. Air France is eliminating 2,600 to 3,000 more jobs on top of the 5,000 they already let go. US News also reported that the US lost 2. Million manufacturing Jobs to China in the last 10 years the competition is getting stiff in America.

According to United States Department of Labor Statistic the west continued to have the highest regional unemployment rate, 8. 0 percent, while the South had the lowest rate, 7. Percent. Also, there were 866,000 discouraged workers in America. The KUDUS considers discouraged workers as persons not currently looking for work because they believe no Jobs are available for them. Employment has become very scarce and employees are committing themselves with heavier workload in fear of losing their Job. With the streamlining of today’s corporation and rapid change in technology employees are taking on heavier workloads.

A study done by Joel Harmon, associate professor of management and chair of management, marketing, information systems and science department on the Flora-Madison Campus, says, “The greatest reported cause of workplace stress is workload. Joel also stated that employees are working more today than they did 25 years ago, the equivalent of a 13th month every year. ” The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) stated that the nine to five Jobs no longer exist and the work year for prime-age working couples has increased by nearly 700 hours in the last two decades. The inability to separate work and personal life has put stress on the American worker.


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