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Women and Depression

Is there a biological explanation for female depression rates being higher than the rates for male depression? I believe there is a biological explanation for female depression rates being higher. When females enter puberty, their hormones began to increase and remain high until after childbearing ages . According to the article, 20 to 40% of menstruating women experience premenstrual mood and behavioral changes. I know from personal experience when I am getting ready to start my period I become more irritable and cranky due to the hormonal imbalances and the discomfort from bloating and cramps.

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Since the males do not have to go through the monthly changes, their moods seem less effected and tend to not have less mood changes. Another factor that plays an important role is the difference in thyroid factors between the male and female gender. Thyroid levels in females fluctuate monthly due to the hormonal imbalances from their menstrual cycle. Along with thyroid, women tend to always be on a up and down rollercoaster when it comes to dieting. Women tend to change their eating habits more often than men to either maintain their weight or to lose excessive pounds that they have gain.

These types of circumstances could cause an increase in depression with women when they look at themselves and think that they are fat and disgusting looking. In conclusion, Women seem to be diagnose with depression more often than men due to their body changes from puberty to menopause. From a biological stand point, women go through a lot of physical and mental changes monthly for years which can lead to depression and I believe that due to these changes hormonally and emotionally, women are more susceptible to being diagnosis with depression.


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