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Sammy from “A & P” was able to change his life, maybe not for the good, but was able to pursue his dreams even if it meant losing a solid Job and not even getting the girl that he wanted. Jake on the other hand from “Love in L. A. ” denied the fact that he had to change and caused harm to an innocent human being for his own gain. Even though Jake did not change his ways in the long run, the choices he made at the site of the incident made him realize that he needed to change in order to meet a girl if he really wants to keep one.

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No matter what, change is bound to happen. In the story “Love in L. A. “, Jake is a young, irresponsible, lying scam artist looking to do whatever it takes to keep his freedom in life without any obstacles and no matter what the situation is “Jake was thinking about this freedom so much of his that when he glimpsed its green light he Just went ahead and stared bye-bye to the steadily employed” (43). Jake lacks many things in life such as loving parents and a loving girlfriend but he mainly lacks attention and being careful throughout life.

He never thinks twice about his actions but if it means keeping his freedom and not getting in ruble then he’ll do whatever it takes. Even if it means hurting someone around him for his own gain and then going on in life as if nothing ever happened being the same low-life that he is. Even though Jake thinks about what he does and what he is going to do, it is never in a positive way and it seems like somebody always gets hurt. He thinks about changing his life but the fact of keeping his freedom blinds him into doing deceitful things to keep it that way and never really changes.

In the story, the inciting incident is when Jake rear-ends an innocent bystander while wanting to aura through traffic but fate collides and the event spills out and eventually Jake is stopped on the side of the road thinking of what Just happened. He is quick to admire what little damage he caused to his car “It didn’t even scratch my paint’, Jake told her in that way of his” (44), and admire the beauty of the woman he hit. The woman he hit was a naive woman from Venezuela and knew that he could take advantage of her and started spilling out lies of information.

He tells the woman that he forgot his wallet and made up a fake address and insurance company that he didn’t even have Just to satisfy the woman while hitting on her and asking her out for breakfast. Even though she refuses, he lies and says he’s an actor and she starts to like him as a fan of his or something. She gives him her phone number and wants by the situation that Just happened “Back in his car he felt both proud and sad about his performance” (45), because he really liked the girl and she “liked” him but he knew that he would never see her again being the lying low-life he is.

In the end Jake never really changes his ways in life and continues on keeping his freedom. In the story “A & P”, the main character Sammy is a typical grocery store worker making an honest living as a checkout clerk Just making it by in life wanting something more than what he is doing. Maybe to meet a girl or get a new higher paying Job but for now, it’s Just another day at work. At least until it all changes when three beautiful women enter the store wearing nothing but bathing suits which is the inciting incident for Sammy.

He is so love-struck with awe that he mistakenly rings up a box of Hi crackers twice and gets heck for it by the customer “l ring it up again and the customer starts giving me hell” (440). He goes on describing the women in very peculiar ways as chubby, tall, and the queen. He describes the queen as the leader of the pack, teaching the other women how to gain attraction and to look like you know what you are doing, as she is the one who made them go in with her in the first place.

Other than the fact of being in bathing suits, Sammy is drawn to the queen not only cause of her beauty, but because of the fact that her top was Just slouching against her chest with the straps resting down her arms. This overwhelmed Sammy and made her more than pretty “With the straps pushed off, here was nothing between the top of her suit and the top of her head except her. I mean, it was more than pretty’ (441). As Sammy is watching the three ladies, they notice him and his coworker staring at them but they don’t mind as they continue on shopping going down the meat isle.

Sammy stares at them all the way and thinks it’s pretty hilarious that they go against the usual flow of traffic in the isles to gain as much attention as possible as other customers glance at the three women then snap back to their own carts. After a while of searching and shopping, the women enter Sammy checkout line. His heart races as he is excited he is going to meet these three fine young ladies but as they checkout their items, Lange, the dreary manager, comes over and scolds the women for being in nothing but bathing suits.

As this event takes place, the three women rush out of the store only to hear Sammy say “l quit” in an attempt to be their unsuspecting hero “The girls, and who’d blame them, are in a hurry to get out, so I say ‘l quit’ to Lange quick enough for them to hear, hoping they’ll stop and watch me, their unsuspected hero” (443). Lange confirms to Sammy and makes sure he knows what he is saying is true and Sammy walks out, paving his apron behind. Sammy explains that he must continue on with his actions because he has already started and rushes out to the parking lot only to find the women are already gone.

Throughout these two stories, there are many similarities along with many differences. They are about two men looking for something more in life but one is able to change his way of life and the other isn’t. Jake from “Love in L. A. ” wants to change but the fact of freedom makes it unbearable to change while Sammy from “A & P” changes so much that he now has to find a new Job because of the so-called stake he has made. They both want to meet a loving girl but their ways of life keep them from achieving these goals.

Jake meets a girl but in his way of life, knows that himself “l really am sorry about hitting you like that. ‘ He sounded genuine” (44), while Sammy, an ambitious and heroic type of guy, “The girls, and who’d blame them, are in a hurry to get out, so I say ‘l quit’ to Lange quick enough for them to hear, hoping they’ll stop and watch me, their unsuspected hero” (443), meets a girl and tries to be a hero but doesn’t know how to act upon it and loses the girl he wants to meet along tit the Job he had and realizes how life is going to be.


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