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Why Go Back to School

Today it has become increasingly difficult to find a job. We are in the process of coming out of a recession that has done some damage to employers, employees, and potential employees. As an Emergency Medical Technician I am currently unemployed due to this recession. It has become difficult to find a decent job with only a high school diploma. Majority of the jobs I have applied for have turned me down due to the fact that I have no college degree. I have decided to return to school so that I may not only better myself but so that I may find better job opportunities.

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Going back to school and receiving a college degree is my number one priority. In the process of job hunting I chose to attend online college classes. Doing so allows me the time to apply to job opportunities and work on earning a college degree. With the benefits of earning a college degree it will allow me to pursue a career in Criminal Justice; an area I have been interested in for quiet some time. I enjoy helping others and even though I am an Emergency Medical Technician and I take part in assisting others, I want to do more.

Some people ask me numerous times why don’t I become a doctor or a nurse. Well I do not see myself excelling in those professions. My goal is to receive a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. When I reach that point I will have multiply careers to choose from. By that I mean that it gives me many opportunities such as working with juveniles, becoming a parole officer to becoming a member of a forensics team. The lists of possibilities are endless yet fulfilling. I know that in order for me to reach my goal I will have to make some life-style changes.

I tend to always put others first and sometimes doing so makes me put myself on hold. I need to change that and put myself first if I want to excel in college. An important and major change that I must make is to set up a schedule and allow myself a time frame to study and complete all assignments on time. When it comes to studying I tend to procrastinate and wait last minute. If I want to be successful in my pursuit of a college education, I will need to remain motivated, focused, and dedicated. Those three things will play a key role in my education.

My motivation for returning to school is my family. By family I am talking about my parents and siblings. My parents have always said they are proud of me no matter what career path I may take. I know they are proud of me but I feel that by earning a college degree I will make them very proud since I will become only the second person in my entire family to graduate college. My brother is my source for motivation and inspiration. He remained focused and completely dedicated throughout his college years and now he is a successful businessman working for Amazon.

He pushes me to be all that I am. He is constantly reassuring me that hard work pays off and that if he can do it, I most certainly can too. Having family as a support system is one of the greatest things in life. It is reassuring to know that if I fall they will be there lifting me back up and pushing me forward. My ambition and dedication is what will get me through my college experience. There are more positives to the situation than there will ever be negative. The positives that stick out is a new beginning, a new and exciting career, and a chance to better myself.

I will be providing myself with job security, which is something I have longed for. Choosing to go to Ashford University is one of the best decisions I have made in my life thus far. Just by signing up for classes I am putting myself one step closer to my college degree. I will remain positive, focused, and without a doubt dedicated to providing myself a better life. After all, I have already completed an important step. I am now a proud Ashford University student and each day I am becoming closer to reaching my goal of finally receiving a colleg e degree.


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