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We’re the same

We’re The Same This poem is actually about a bad experience that happened to the author, which is Counted Sullen. He remembers nothing but that experience. He wrote that as if that is the worst experience that he ever had in his whole life. As I see from the poem, I can see that people were racist and they treated him, as he was nothing, nothing at all. That was the world he lived, right now racism somehow still exist in this world and some people need to realize that as human being we are all the same.

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First of all, or me it was a really cruel world what happened to him because it is not only Just a fairytale story that is not real. Racism is one of the issues that will never have an ending, even though a lot of people already understand that we are the same, however some people seem does not understand or does not want to understand. Whatever your skin color is, it does not really matter. People need to know that what matter to Judge people is how the act, their manner toward you. I still see a lot people are being Judged by their skin color, that also happen here in NYC.

Some people are giving the other people the dirtiest look Just because of their skin color; they have done nothing to them, they Just walked in front of them. “So I smiled, but he poked out,” ( Sullen ) he expressed this using imagery language and it is simply mean that he tried to be nice to the Baltimore but instead the Baltimore freaked out. I have no idea why there is still racism in this world, in this globalization era where everything is global and racism still does exist. Sometimes people do not think what they say to the others, does it hurt them?

Or did I Just say something rude? They should try to put themselves in that other person’s shoe, so they might know how it feels to be them. Counted Sullen could never forget this incident until he was an adult, he never forget that little incident that happened to him when he was only an 8-year old boy. We do not choose where we born, who our parents are, we will never be able to choose. We are who we are, so instead of Judge another people try to live in peace and this world would be a better place.

People make mistakes but it does tot mean that you can Judge them by their appearance; their appearance has nothing to do with their personality. I Just hope from now people would likely to think twice of what they about to say to another person. This poetry is really short, but for me it has a very strong meaning, sadness. The words that he used are as sharp as a sword. It breaks me knowing that he lived in a pain because of one thing that happened in his life. He stayed in that place from May to December but there was only one thing that he remembered, it was the way that the Baltimore freaked UT at him.


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