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Training 1st semester 2013-2014 Student Name: Jan Dennis D. Deletion course,yr: IBIS -4th year JOT Site/ Company Name: DANNA Manpower and MGM. Services Date covered: From July 29, 2013 to August 2, 2013 week 3 Dunes Performed this week: * Technical Support * Customer Service * Office Works * Familiarization of IT-Related work of Firms What new training’s took place this week? * I was trained how to meet business people * How to travel and pay bills for the company purposes What were your major accomplishments based from the Activities in your Training?

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Now, I know how to travel and pay bills * I know how to face to business partners PROPOSED ACTIVITIES ACCOMPLISHMENTS + Installation of systems and applications software + Assisting talents and business partners + Hardware Troubleshooting + Answering phone calls + Send e-mails + Print documents What problems have you encountered this week? * None at all List one or two goals you have set for yourself next week. * I will be back to assist more agents/coach * I will be back to meet other business partners Noted by: Sharon D. Danna Cast. Operation Manager. PROPOSED TRAINING/ACTIVITY SCHEDULE Practicum Activities

How the activities will be performed Trainer Date Time Line Technical Support * DANNA Sharon Danna Mallow Danna Gem Waybill Mark Danna July 29- Gag 2 2013 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM 1 PM – 6:00 PM Customer Service + Resolving agent/coach concerns + Assure customer’s contentment Office Support + Write data to papers *Encode data WEEKLY ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT Student Name: Jan Dennis D. De Leon course,yr: 4th year – IBIS JOT Site/ DANNA Manpower and Management Services Date Covered: Company Name: From July 29, 2013 to August 2, 2013 week 3 Prepared By: Jan Dennis D. De Leon JOT -rattle Noted By: Cast. Operation Manager


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