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Watching Movie or Reading Fiction

Which one is more enjoyable, reading a fiction or watching the movie? No one with the sound mind can deny the significance of spare time in the modem world. In lay terms, I think that watching movie is not only enjoyable but also instructive for young people. In order to address the state of affairs regarding the above issue, we need to consider the following details. It is pivotal to suggest that boredom ensues inevitably on account of reading fiction. However, it strikes a responsive chord in anyone who actually cares for the dire consequences.

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Moreover, it is conducive to attraction, a well-established fact. Finally, if you watch a movie, you will understand more details. It takes a certain amount of faith with a dash of armchair stipulation to assume the veracity of this argument. It may behoove us at this time to examine the argument from another angle of vision. Having considered the above aspects, we need to unravel more paths to this argument. Although watching movies and reading fictions seem to share a few traits, they appear to diverge on many fronts.

Initially, in contrast to the former, the latter involves more timing. For example, a four hundred page novel takes almost three weeks, whereas a movie takes about two hours. Moreover, they harbor a controversy regarding privacy. It provides an important pillar for solitude. In a nutshell, I think that watching movies is both amazing and fascinating for many people. On a sideline, it is probably better if we refuse to put ourselves in the way of being tempted to conclude that watching movies compromises creativity.


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