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Vegetarianism: Meat and Clemons 9h Eng.

Raven Clemons 9H Eng. 1st Period Mrs. Christiansen 4 December 2013 Persuasive Essay on Vegetarianism Vegetarian say that is people in the U. S. didn’t eat meat then there would be more grain to go around. Meat-eaters say that there are many serious disadvantages to being a vegetarian. Although vegetarians think that there are more disadvantages to being a meat-eater, vegetarians should eat meat for there own health. Many vegetarians have serious deficiencies due to not eating meat and most of them eat chicken and fish on occasions, so why not add lean meats to their diets.

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Human teeth were designed to eat both meats and vegetables. (Marcus, Pg. 4) The organs were also designed to digest meats. This means that vegetarians that say were are not designed to eat meats are wrong. They also wrong about how our bodies don’t correctly digesting meat. Vegans don’t get the proper nutrients without eating meats. Meat provides the vitamin 812. 812 helps normal growth, the bone marrow, the nervous system and the intestines. So if a person doesn’t eat meat they can have serious case of Pernicious Anemia. This chronic disease disturbs the ervous system causing depression and drowsiness.

It is very fatal if not caught and treated in a period of time. Vegans who don’t eat anything that has to do with meat or animals don’t usually get enough protein. Lean meats, Poultry, Fish, Milk, Cheese and Eggs are all complete proteins. All vegans don’t eat any of these things so they have to get most of it in the incomplete protein foods like Cereals, Grains, Legumes, Lentils, Peanut butter and Peanuts. Further, some vegetarians have eating disorders. Either they binge eat or they don’t eat at all. Binge eating is when a person eats continuously even when they are full.

This is bad because this leads to obesity and other serious health problems. All these examples prove that vegetarians need meat and we are meant to eat meat. While most vegetarians think they are saving the world by not eating meat, they really don’t know that they are hurting themselves. To begin, People that eat meat get cancer and heart disease. Oohnson, Pg. 1) The fact is everyone can get heart disease no matter what you eat. Heart disease runs in peoples family and it could depend on hat type of work that person does. Also everyone can get cancer.

People get cancer everywhere and most places don’t determine what you eat. Some cancers run in families. Son this means that vegetarians can get cancer and heart disease. In addition, If people eat little to no meat there will be more grain for everyone around the world. (Motavalli, Pg. 4) If people didn’t eat Meat then everyone would lack 812 and protein. Also people would Just buy more grain for themselves and their families. People would also sell the grain for more money than what it is now. More animals would be roaming around and they would eat the grain that would be grown.

Each year a vegetarian saves a acre of trees. (Motavalli, Pg. 4) Even if they do save an acre they would use the land for a different purpose. They would need space to grow the grounds. So basically vegetarians aren’t saving that acre of trees if they cut it down for a different purpose. The examples in this paragraph prove that vegetarians are wrong about a lot of things. Vegan diets lead to serious deficiencies. Everyone needs protein in their diets ecause if they don’t then theyd have a condition called Protein-Energy Malnutrition.

Adults get fatigue and weight loss. Children get diarrhea, infections and stunted growth. Protein also builds and repairs tissues in the body, it helps make antibiotics, enzymes, hormones, and some vitamins. Vegans also have to worry about vitamin D, vitamin 812, calcium, iron and zinc. All of these are either in meat or animal foods. Lastly, the biggest one of them all is most people that say that they are a vegetarian eats chicken and fish. Some say that chicken is poultry and fish is seafood. But they need to notice something, CHICKEN AND FISH are both ANIMALS.

People can’t say that they don’t anything that has to with animals and then eat an animal on an occasion. Some say that they don’t treat the chicken and fish like they do the cows and pigs. They treat all the animals the same. So basically those people aren’t vegetarians. They Just don’t eat beef and pork. So this proves that vegetarians do eat animals and that vegans need to think about what they are doing to their body. In conclusion, Vegetarians should become meat eaters because they need the nutrients and if they re doing it to save the trees they really aren’t.

Trees get cut down either way it goes. The people who are vegetarians that eat chicken and fish aren’t vegetarians. The vegetarians that believe we weren’t created to eat meat are proven wrong everyday. Our teeth are made to chew on meat and vegetables. Our digestive systems are designed to digest meat also. For the vegans that don’t believe they don’t need meat in their diet, they do. They need those vitamins and other nutrients that are in it. Every human need to eat some type of meat or fish in order to survive.


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