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Unexpected Situation

(It has a lot of grammar mistakes) Except for the rain that’s been crashing for hours and the house-shuddering wind that howls through the darkness outside, it’s an ordinary evening at my house. Then comes a knock on the door. I’m not expecting anyone. I look through the peephole, but the condensation from the wet night air has fogged it to uselessness. So I simply open the door and find a familiar man, I can’t recognize his face. I notice the fire that made the sky goes red, the air feels smoky and thick.

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I’ve always thought the preternatural is all in my head until I see this punch of people with decomposing skin lurching and teetering around the street. My heart beats against my chest and it feels like it’s going to break through, stomach pains, and constant shaking. All noises seem amplified, and my brain Just freaks out; I can’t believe what’s going on out there. I feel like the whole world is swirling, find it very hard to catch a breath, and I get a very dry mouth. The man steps in and close the door as I start crying, he hold me and make me lay on the sofa and bring me water. Are you okay? He asks me, “Don’t worry it was a panic attack” I replied “What’s going on out there? “. Recognize his tattoos when he starts cleaning himself; the shark on the side of his head I chose which stands for survival; we had a car accident and hardly survived at the age of 18, and the rose on the back of his hand. How did my high school best friend become so handsome in 10 years? Tall black hair and full of tattoos; I can barely see his skin. I look out of a window carefully, waiting for him to explain this calamity.

I see cadavers thrown on the pavement and abominable creatures fevering the bodies, enjoying the taste of human meat, and finding the blood fountains entertaining. I bet it smells like sludge and rotting flesh outside the house. What is the purpose behind spreading an epidemic and create zombies? The sight is blood-curdling. I start crying again and Ronnie tries to calm me down, he says in a confident voice “The zombie apocalypse is starting. ” The sun disappears as the sky gets darker. “Do you have enough food and water? Seems like we will stick here for days until the military handle the situation. ”


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