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Under the Blood Red Sun Character Journal

Character Journal Billy’s mom I believe if you teach your children well, they will be good as well. At the same time let them know what the bad is, and why they shouldn’t follow it. I can see the Wilsons dislike the Japanese that live here, just like all the fellow Americans. I guess with me working at the hospital I have been able to speak and assist all types of people in need. A particular individual is not bad because of their race, but if they it is who they are of themselves not their country or color.

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I have never gotten mad at the types of friends my children have made. If my children do bring their friends over to this house, I make sure I treat them as a guest, and make them feel at home. How I treat them is how I would like my son as well to be treated as a guest in their homes. Keet I hate how the majority of the Japanese just come here and try to take over our land, they think they can do whatever they want.

Tomi especially, thinks just because we allow him to live in our property they can live the way they do in their home in Japan the same way here. Don’t these people understand if you go to another country, you’re suppose to follow their rules. But instead they still fly their Japan flag with pride as if they need to show off that Japan can come here. Why do they always have to bow when they say hi? That’s not our custom.


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