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MI : Choose at least 2 of your interrelationships from p3 and explain and compare them in detail. Thomson Airways Thomson Airways was founded in 1962 but as the Britannia Airways when the company first started. It was later rebranded to Thomsonfly in May 2005. However, the company went through several other airlines procedures. Other companies were introduced and sold or bought into the Britannia Airways. Euravia was founded in January 1962 and later in December 1964 was renamed to Britannia Airways. 979, Orion Airways was founded by Horizon Holidays but later on was owned by one of the argest brewing firms; Bass Brewery and InterContinental Hotels Group. In 1989, it was sold and merged with Britannia Airways and was rebranded as Thomsonfly in May 2005. In 2007 Thomsonfly was merged from the travel division of TUI AG and First Choice airways. These two travel agents were merged under the former Air Operator’s Certificate in May 2008. The company was rebranded Thomson Airways on November 1st 2008.

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The companies head office is situated in Wigmore House, Luton Bedfordshire, although its registered office is at the TUI Travel House in Crawley. Thomson Airways s one of the world’s largest charter airlines which offer many scheduled flights from the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland to more then 96 destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Most of the flights operated are from the travel operators and certain seats can be booked in advance by paying a small fee directly when purchased. In 2012 the company carried 10. million passengers to their holiday destinations. This makes it the largest UK airline by total passenger count, putting it in third place behind easyJet and British Airways. Thomson Airways operates in many countries as it is a well known international ompany as many people will recognise the blue white and red colour scheme. It operates in places such as Glasgow, New castle, Bournemouth and many more in the United Kingdom. It travels to many destinations in the Caribbean and performs long- haul and short haul trips to places such as: Mexico, America, Dominion Republic and Spain.

The company use many different planes; although the most popular one used is the Boeing 767-300ER which is colour coded into the Thomson’s website and logo colours. BY having the Boeing can hold up to 283 passengers, 252 seats in economy and 31 in premium. The largest base in the London-Gatwick which is closely followed by Manchester, with the third largest in Birmingham. It is also based in 13 other I-JK airports making it a very popular travel agency. the summer of 2009, 2010, 2011 and also 2012.

It is the winner of the Mercury Award 2012 and Worlds best leisure Airline 2010 and 2011. The company have their own website making it easy to book holidays and flights online or Just browse for holidays. By having the website it boosts the profit for the agency as more people will be willing to book in their own spare time. Riu Hotel The Riu Hotel and Resorts is a Spanish based hotel chain which was formed in 1953 by the Riu family. The hotel chain today is still in the family business, as it is owned by the third generation.

The first Riu hotel was made in Mallorca and was called San Francisco which has 133 rooms spread over 5 floors and all of the hotels included in the chain are all-inclusive board basis. It has been ranked the world’s 27th ranked chain and is very popular in all the locations that are situated in. It’s the 29th largest hotel chain in the world according to Hotels magazine 2012 ranking. The Riu has more 100 hotels in 19 different countries, with over 23,400 employees across the chain offering many people a Job in their own country.

The hotels welcome more then 3. 2 million guests a year. It is currently owned by TUI however it is still ran by the family; the company is focused on the holiday sector. Riu is currently the worlds 30th ranked hotel chain, one of the Caribbean’s most popular and the fourth largest in Spain. Riu opened its first city hotel in 2010. After this it then extended its range of products with own line of city hotels called Riu Plaza city hotels. These hotels are located in the centre of the large cities which cater for business travellers and tourists.

In 2012 the hotel had a total of over 3. 3 million guests throughout all there hotels. They have hotels in places such as Dominican Republic – Punta Cana: Hotel Riu Palace Macau, Jamaica-Negril: Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay and Spain-Majorca- Hotel Riu Festival. The hotel has a website making it easy for guests to browse the grounds before travelling or booking their holiday. This would encourage people as they can see the services, accommodation and also the landscape before booking.

These two components depend on each other to gain profit and popularity in the community of the travel and tourism industry. Without Thomson, Riu Hotels wouldn’t have any flights to their hotels and their profits would decrease because of the low amount of guests travelling to their resorts. Therefore, if no one books through Thomson the company won’t gain any money from the customers, as no one will be taking flights to their holiday destinations. Therefore the two components rely on book holidays at the resorts advertised on Thomson website and in stores at the travel agency.


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