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Top 5 reasons to become a chef

Top Five Reasons To Become A Chef Job Growth The United States Department of Labor expects Job in the culinary arts to grow over the next ten years, but more slowly than on average. How is this a plus? If you are committed to the kitchen, you will have plenty of Job opportunities as the below average growth will be supplemented by high turnover. The industry has long been characterized by transitional and temporary workers and when they leave their Jobs, that leaves lots of positions open for people serious about their career as a chef. Challenging, Never Boring Career

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If you are tired of sitting at a desk all day and want something to challenge your skills and intellect, there are few careers as challenging as a chef. As you move further up the career ladder, you will be faced with more responsibility and your skills will be tested in new and exciting ways every night. Many people buckle under the pressure and leave the profession, but for those who love their Jobs, the daily test will be a plus. Be Creative with Food If you take one look at a recipe and immediately start thinking of substitutions and hanges you can make to better fit your taste, you will find a career as a chef appealing.

You will do this every day and get paid for it. You will be able to test and experiment, especially if you work in a non-chain restaurant that allows you to contribute to new menus. Good Pay It is true that many restaurant positions don’t pay well, especially entry-level, but if you focus on your culinary education at a school and work your way up, you can make a decent salary from all your hard work. It is possible to make a six fgure salary if you ork at a high-level position in a hotel, cruise ship, or one of tens of thousands of other resort and hospitality establishments around the world.

Satisfaction None of these reasons to become a chef mean much unless you would find the work itself satisfying. You must determine that you have a passion for cooking and would like to spend your life in a kitchen. The hours are brutal. You can work 12 hour days (if not more) and most nights and holidays. Your social life will be limited, but if this is your calling, you will want nothing more than to cook for a living. Top 5 reasons to become a chef By nikolsours88


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