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Time and Dear Uncle Scrooge

Time and Dear Uncle Scrooge BY socTtger33 My Dear Uncle Scrooge First of all, I want to thank everyone for coming out on this cold, wintery, evening to celebrate my Uncle Scrooge’s change to happiness. Since I was a little boy, all I could remember about my Uncle Scrooge was how unpleasant, unhappy, and how miserable ofa human being he was. He never came to family outings and he was always left out on his own accord from fun family times. This past holiday season, Scrooge was visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, resent, and future.

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From the ghost of Christmas Past Scrooge learned how much he hurt people. From the ghost of Christmas present he learned what he was missing out on by not going to family Christmas Parties. From the ghost of Christmas future he learned how to change his life. At that moment in time, Scrooge woke from his ghost meetings and realized he wanted to change his life and his future. At this moment, I want to say, “Thank you to the ghosts”. I am happy to have Uncle Scrooge in my life.

This man has taught each of us the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is not all about presents and being greedy but instead is about the love of family and Christ. Without him here today we would all have an empty hole in our hearts. Now if we can all raise our glasses to my dear Uncle Scrooge and toast to him: May your life from now on out be void of ghosts. May happiness follow you wherever you may go. May love fill your heart all the days of your life. Last of all I will conclude with, “God Bless Us, Everyone”.


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