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Three Day Diet Analysis

Three Day Diet Analysis Gloria J. Lee August 13, 2011 SCI/241 Instructor: Madhuri Vemuri * How does your diet compare to the recommendations you received from the Food Guide Pyramid? How many servings from each food group did you consume? * * According to the Food Guide Pyramid, I was below the suggested amount of calories, but my fat, cholesterol, and sodium were well above the recommended amounts. I had 6. 8 cups of grain (6 cups recommended), vegetables 2 cups (2. 5 cups recommended), fruit 0. 5 cups (2. 5 cups recommended), milk 1. 3 cups (3 cups recommended), meat and beans 2. cups (5 cups recommended). * * How might you modify your diet to get the recommended servings for each food group? What are some nutrient-rich foods that you could add to your daily diet? * * The way I plan to modify my diet to get the recommended servings for each food * group is to increase my fruit and vegetable servings by having fresh fruit and raw vegetables for snacks. I need to eat small amounts more frequently instead of having one large meal. I will increase my milk servings by having cereal with milk for breakfast and a small serving of fresh fruit.

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I can also increase my milk intake by having cottage cheese and fruit for a snack. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, milk/cottage cheese, and cereal are all nutrient-rich foods that I can add to my daily diet. * Examine the food labels for three of the items included on your food diary. List the following components for each of the items: * Total calories per serving: 340 * Percentage of calories from fat: 130 calories (approximately 27%) * Total amount of carbohydrates (in grams): 34g * Total amount of protein (in grams): 18g * Total amount of fiber (in grams): 3g * * *


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