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Three cheers for clarita

Oh, you will! ” her father laughed again. “How are you going to catch a burglar, Miss Policewoman? ” “l know how to catch a burglar. My teacher says I’m very clever. And won’t need your revolver that Mama keeps in the paradox , either. ” “Look, young lady,” her father said seriously. Mimi are not to touch that revolver that Mama keeps in the paradox. ” “l won’t need it,” Clarita said firmly. “l told you I can catch a burglar all by myself. ” “Isn’t she cute? ” Mrs.. Salsas whispered to her husband. That night Mr.. ND Mrs.. Salsas went to a movie. Clarita was left with the maid, who was an elderly woman. Before the couple left, Mr.. Salsas told the servant, “Be sure to lock all the doors. That burglar might come around. ” After her father and mother left, Clarita played for a while and then went to bed. It was very warm summer night. Suddenly Clarita woke up bathed in perspiration. She tossed around in bed for a while, feeling itchy and uncomfortable. She could hear the maid snoring loudly. Suddenly she felt very thirsty. She tried to wake the servant up, but only deep snores answered her. Clarita was a very brave girl.

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She decided to go downstairs and get a drink of water. It was a bright moonlight night so Clarita did not turn on the light. As she walked on the kitchen ground floor, she could see a ray of light under the edge of the closed door. She thought the maid had forgotten to turn off the light. The little girl opened the door and saw a man. He stared at her a she entered. “Good evening,” Clarita said politely. The man said nothing. “What are you doing? ” she asked him. “I’m Just paying you a very short visit,” the man said. “That’s nice,” Clarita smiled. The hill looked very innocent in her white nightgown.

She said, “l came down, for I am hungry. I’m going to drink a glass of milk. Would you like some chicken adobe for supper? It is very delicious. ” As Clarita spoke, she went to the refrigerator, opened it, and took the adobe. As the little girl sat down to drink her milk, the man drew near and extended a hand to pick up a leg of chicken. Inform hands are dirty. You must wash them before you eat. Mama always makes me wash my hands. ” Clarita told him in a serious manner. “There are some knives and forks in that drawer. ” As she and he man eating, Clarita continued, “These knives and forks are only for everyday use.

We have real silver knives and spoons and forks. ” mimes? ” The man’s voice was very eager. “Where do you keep them? ” “And also we have real silver platters that my her milk slowly. “Come, little girl, show me where your mother keeps her silver. Are they here in the kitchen? In the dining room? ” the man’s eyes gleamed with a greedy light. “I’ll tell you,” Clarita said. “But go ahead and finish your chicken. My father said the best meat of the chicken is close to the bone. ” The hurriedly bit the last piece of eat from the chicken and stood up to hurry Clarita. I’ll show you where everything is,” Clarita said. “we had a party a few days ago and my mother used all her silver things. She says they are of pure silver and very, very expensive. ” mimes, yes,” said the man, getting impatient. “Where are they? ” “My mother keeps them in a box which she locks very carefully. She generally keeps the box in our room. But I remember now. Mart-that’s our maid-has not brought the box upstairs yet. It is still here, I think. Let me see. ” As the girl spoke, she led the man into a small room called a dispense. “There’s a box. It is full of silver things.


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