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Thought and Respect

Maintaining the respect level: Respect is a two edged sword. It’s so difficult to give respect to anyone when you as a person are being awakened to a mother cursing at you. It’s even harder to respect life. At the end of the day respect must grow, not retard. The cursing and cussing era should have been a thing of the past! Respect the choices made by the individual, even if you don’t understand them. A paper about respect, what can I really say to fill six pages. Maybe I’ll Just say the same thing over and over and hope that it eventually sinks in.

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It must grow, say someone wants to curse and cuss. I can’t let that determine my level of respect for a person. You have to first respect yourself, first and foremost! After that self-respect, it will radiate outward to others. Once a person knows that you respect yourself, it makes it harder for them to disrespect you. Respect at the end of the day is comparable to common sense. Treat others the same way you’d want to be treated. It’s simple really. A six page paper is a little extreme. My thoughts on that were to simply enlarge the font like the students do in school and try to fool he teacher.

Ah, but I don’t think that would be very respectful. It’s all about the respect right now, and with this paper. A thesis would be to simply state that respect is everything. It all depends on you. Some don’t respect their selves, and in turn get no respect from the general society. This may have little effect on this type of person’s character, because they simply don’t care. Now respect really is a simple thing, that doesn’t take from the fact that it in an inherent challenge. What’s your respect level should always be the question. Who are you dealing with in your daily activities?

Now a superior would like to be treated with respect, the simple fact that I’m calling someone superior to you is proof of that enough. Respect is tangible, in terms that it can in fact be touched. Some demand such a high respect level that it would demean them for you to touch them. I am one of these people. The UN touchable is a race of human. We look down at all of YOU. Respect isn’t necessary for we govern the laws of this state. Respect our authority!! Or perish is our motto. We have such a high level of respect, that some are even afraid to approach us.

Respect to a scholar, being as I am a humble learner of the art of this respect. What can I say? I know I’ll insist on rambling on. This is absurd preposterous, and I could go on and on before offending you the reader. So for the sake of this respect thing I’ll elaborate on the status of these untouchables. Haw I am one and this is a UN touchable fundamental. Even though I know you meant 6 peg. Ex. font and height. I don’t care I’ll proceed to make this document in 24 point font. Seeing it as certain individuals, want to complain about circumstanced situations.

I’ll in fact take pleasure in making a mockery of this respect, because it’s all in fact in your mind. So until “we” begin to respect our own minds you will continue to get half ass results. A respected mind is one of character. A sensitive mind delicate and careful in all that it undertakes. Just by reading this you are in fact developing your mind to think in for. In conclusion: -Respect is all in the mind, comparable to an illusion. -Respect your-self to gain the respect of others. -Know who you’re dealing with; the proper respect level they wish. -Trust that what goes around will come around.

Disrespect should not be met with the same kind of intolerable cruelty. -Respect is nearly almost always met with respect, so kill them with kindness whatever that’s supposed to mean. -Stop having people do minuscule jobs like type papers on respect least you be met with a Job that’s beneath you. -And finally, give me that good old BULL. You can’t BBS a baser. P. s. Mission complete ahhhhhhhhhhh No references were used in this word document. The thing is this that respect is given to be gotten… This word document is to be respected then given meeting in return.

The exchange is then mutual. What am I talking about? I don’t even know in this portion of the writing we’ve reached the conclusion a long time ago. So this part of the text is simply used to convey space and depth. Next time I bet you’ll think twice about asking me to write so much. I bet if I was white you wouldn’t make me write… Well it seems that that’s that. It’s been a pleasure opening up to you Ream respect Journal. So the next time you think about shaking something off. Don’t respect!! I mean show a little more respect. Have some values for sighing out loud.


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