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This Time All the Way with My Nonprofit Management Degree

No matter what I plan ahead of time I always wind up having to change what I started because things somehow, some way go awry. It’s not always for the worst; things change and sometimes it turns out that it was the best thing that could have happened in the end. But it can be frustrating to put things in motion only have to turn and go in another direction. Most of this change has been because of upheaval that happened earlier in my life – having to drop out of college, moving far from home, having a baby at a young age. You just adapt, do the best you can, and keep on going.

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Getting my college degree, however, had really turned out to be a thorn in my side – until now anyway. I dropped out into my second year of college and had tried to go back several times but to no avail. Every time I worked something out something else would come up to block my path. I had a job where I had changed my hours so I could leave early for school but then that fell through when one of the other employees quit and I had to take over the shift. Then I got laid off from that job and I enrolled in classes only to find another job – which I was happy about but which stopped me from once again pursuing my degree in nonprofit management.

But this time I found a foolproof plan to get my nonprofit management degree. I enrolled in an online degree program that will give me the ability to work and go to school. No excuses. No changes. No stopping me now. I’m finally getting that nonprofit management degree and the Internet is my key to the education I started all those years ago.


I'm Sophie Gosser!

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