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The Street Singer BY coquetting “The Street Singer” A 1940 survey revealed that 1. 5 million married women had been abandoned by their husbands during The Great Depression in the sass. (“America in the Great War”) Most of the Americans affected during these tragic times did not deserve the negative consequences that they were up against. Alcoholism was very common during these times, but was no excuse. In “The Street Singer”, a story in Will Sinner’s A Contract with God, Eddie becomes a victim of The Great Depression trying to make a living by earning money as a street performer in the alleyways of a big city.

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While Eddie is out singing and drinking all day, his wife Sophie and child are at home awaiting his arrival. Eddie is drawn as an obscured individual and violent abusive husband, who later blows his chance at a prosperous future in show business with the opera singer Sylvia Spiegel. The preceding characters in “The Street Singer” are dealt a sense of real Justice, and some become victims due to their own actions. Justice can be defined as a sense of moral rightness, which is the ethical code of understanding the difference between right and wrong.

Will the delivery of a served punishment or reward be fair? Positive actions should result in positive consequences, and negative actions should result with negative consequences. However, Justice may not follow these rules, and is not always served in the typical “comic book” fashion where the good prevail and evil fails. Sophie ends up still in the same position from the beginning of the story, even though she is the only innocent character. Justice within, “The Street Singer”, is served in a, “real way’, because Eddie and Sylvia both receive what they deserve and poor Sophie does not.

Once an accountant that lost his Job during the depression, now an unsympathetic street performer making pennies, Eddie must learn Justice through his deceit and personal destruction. Eddies life is on a downward spiral, he isn’t looking for work and supporting his family isn’t anywhere to be found on his priority list. The depression had become a horrible era for families, with that said, it was the time families should have been working together to make ends meet. In the story, Eddie does not think that way, instead he chooses a lifestyle of singing from alley to alley that leads him to et Sylvia Spiegel, the opera singer.

Sylvia seduces Eddie with promises of fame and lustful encounters. Justice is served in a real way when karma seizes Eddie after beating his wife one night during a drunken rampage. The next morning, once again in a bar drinking, Eddie says, “l didn’t think to write down the address! I sing in so many alleys – they all look alike. “(90) Eddie realizes he hadn’t written down Sylvia address and did not remember how to get back to her apartment for singing lessons. Eddies actions become the reason why he doesn’t deserve the opportunity to be in show business.

Sylvia Spiegel discovers Eddie in the alleyway below her window, and immediately senses his potential. She once had a career as an opera singer and trained with the best, so her Judgment I would think is credible. After inviting Eddie to her apartment, she shares her story with Eddie over a hot meal. Sylvia shares that her professional career was cut short after she married. “My husband was a drunkard – he beat me! He was insanely Jealous…. Often he was sick! I stopped husband finally died, and that it was too late for her to return to her dream career. Sylvia envisions Eddie as her ticket back into show business, she


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