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The Problem at WCBA

1) What is the problem at WCBA? The problem at WCBA seems to be the new recruits do not know the full responsibility of on-air comments and the legal aspects of their actions. While Ann gives the new students a handout regarding policies and procedures, she may need to have a breakout training session on the handouts where the students discuss and then sign an agreement to their understanding of the legalities and seriousness of their correct comments. 2) Using SLII as a basis, what would you advise Ann to do ifferently at the station?

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S2 Leadership style provides High Directive while instilling High Supportive Behavior. (Coaching). Ann may need to be around her new students as much as possible training and explaining the seriousness of the policies regarding on air remarks. She is dealing with high achievers and therefore, I believe they may “run with it” AFTER they have the correct coaching. This would help Ann down the road. 3) Based on situational leadership, what creative schemes could Ann use to reduce FCC infractions at WCBA?

Ann could rely on her older, more seasoned students who truly get the ramifications of violating FCC rules. Sometimes hearing from people closer in age who are showing success would have more of an impact. Ann needs to be a part of all training, so the students see the hierarchy level of her chain of command. She is on the right track with her procedures and policy handout. She may need to go over these personally with all newcomers. She also may pair up the newcomers with seasoned announcers when they go on air for the first few times.


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