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The person I admire

The person I admire most is my father. His name is He’s an artist and creates realistic still-lifes. He was born in summer in a small town, in not very rich family. But his will helped him to go to the bigger city, and then even abroad. He has an accurate eye, sure hand and artistic mind. And, that is bigger force, than any physical force. Paragraph 2. Stanislav went to the Art school early. Pupils there were asked to draw a lot and he used every free minute to draw.

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My father had a sthrong will to be a real artist – as great artists of WI-XVII centuries. And he did as he wished. First his painting was sold, when he was 17 – early age for those years. Paragraph 3. People loved his art – not only in the city, which he lived in, but in bigger cities, and even in capital. Then he moved to the city, in which we after lived for many years – there he married my mother, and there I was born. But he saw, that his art couldn’t develop in this city – he needed to move again.

This time we moved to the capital of Serbia – Belgrade. And, I think, the story is to be continued… Paragraph 4. I admire my father, because he has good qualities, which I always wanted to have. He’s not very strict, but he’s serious, and he can make the right decisions. He always wishes me the best and he always helps me. He is always ready to help others. He has a force of artistic mind, optimism and sthrong will, which always helps him in his life. I want to be like him, because for me he’ll always be the best in all!


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