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The Outraged

The Outraged After I read this story of Hassle, I realize how bad the society was conformed those days, and also I realized how our society is nowadays, we need to change the attitude, that way we will be building a better tomorrow. With this text I could observe that there are issues that they must change in order to have a better world.

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In my personal opinion I think that they are doing it wrong, the fight against this different issues had not evolve since the years mentioned in the Hassle history, some of them just had temporarily solutions, but they don’t attack the real problem, so I think that would change, but first, I will mention the biggest issues we must concern to fight against them.

The first issue to solve is the education, if we don’t have the proper level of education, how we supposed to change the way of thinking of our future society. We must fight for an advance education, because this would help the society acquires better knowledge about main problems in the world, and they will be well prepared in order to resist them and put a viable solution in which all the participants win, instead of Just few of them.

Some example of this issue is the case of Mexico, in which almost all the society don’t know the changes or implementation of new reforms by the parliament, or the constant increase of the cars gas without a real cause to do it, they only obey or Just don’t have the intention to confront the parliament, because they think their opinion will not have value, that’s the wrong idea we have.

The second issue to solve is the power of money, this is a huge problem in society in which only a small number of people has benefits. As all we know “Money has the IANAL decision”, our society is used to the idea that the person who has money, has the opportunity to do whatever they want, but the main problem are the ones that accept to make the act of corruption.

A way to solve this problem, is in applying an program in schools, that way since they are kids they will have idea of what corruption is, and what consequences this brings to the society, making a huge impact on them, that way they will awareness and actually make a change in order this issue starts decreasing . And the most important thing we need to change as society is attitude, s Hassle says in his text, “the worst of attitudes is indifference” (peg. , Hassle), the attitude of saying that they can do nothing about it, and they only let it go, instead of making resist and fight for their rights. We need to change the society attitude in order to start making so important changes, if we don’t change this, the whole point of fighting all against this issues, this should be the first step towards actual change that will cause a huge positive impact in the society. Giving an example of this last point, Brazil is a country that exercises a positive attitude.

Not to many years ago, they were not consider a potential country, or a country that has the best perspectives to be a country that stands in a high position in economics, finance or a potential country, but with an positive attitude, hard work, and support to his society, nowadays is one of the potential and well stand country in America Continent. So I them to stand by their ideals, their rights, and act in order to have a better world, in which this issues are Just past, and build a better tomorrow. In order to accomplish this goal, the key is the resistance.


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