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The new England primer

Their view of God was that they believed their God was holy but harsh. They thought no matter how good they were they would still be punished by him. Puritans based everything they did on God , Which shows how important he was to them. 2. The Puritans values were to their religion. To please God because he is the one who decides everything , especially fate of their lives and to live his word. They have important values of life, the importance of home and family the simplistic lifestyle hey lead , their god’s almighty providence. To live a pure holy life based around God.

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To teach their children how to base their lives on God. 3. The Puritans define truth as The Bible. 4. They have a Pessimistic view of life. They believed they were living as sinners and were evil and had to work for God’s forgiveness. (http://prize. Com/vow_logically/ puritans’) 5. Puritans view of work and worldly success was to please God. Everything they did from work to education to everything in life was based on him. They were scared they ere going to be punished so they tried as hard as they could to live in his word and to always please him. Nee lived a sin-free life. 7. The Puritans main authority was God ; they lived by his word. 8. Puritans did believe in education , but their education was based on The Bible and God. Children learned the Alphabet based on The Bible. They used The New England Prime to learn the Alphabet. The New England Primer associated each letter with a biblical rhyme. 9. Puritans view man as evil and sinful. To them everyone was doomed to hell but you still had to try and live God’s word


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