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The Last Emperor After watching the movie, I realized that I don’t want to be an emperor. Being an emperor is not a piece of cake. Yes, you could live a life of luxury, fame and power. But it also includes a lot of sacrifices, greater problems and crazy issues. As what Spenserian said “Great power comes great responsibility’. You can’t live with your own family because you have to be within the walls of the Forbidden City for the rest of your life. And as for Pu Y’, the last emperor, he was given the throne at an early age of three.

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He was way too young to become an emperor. He can’t play with the other kids of his age. He had someone to become his private tutor and that he could ask anything he was curious about. The sad part was knowing that he was only recognized as an emperor inside the Forbidden City because outside was already a Republic. After being sent outside the Forbidden City, he became a different man, but he still ants to be an emperor of China. He was blinded by the flowery words of the Japanese people.

He was only a puppet emperor, agreeing to things the Japanese wants and he even took his wife for granted because of his selfish ambition. After China won the war against Japan, Pu Ye became a war criminal. It was hard for him to do things in his own because he was used to be served by his servants. When he was finally given his freedom and proved that all the accusations against him was not rue, he lived his remaining life as a normal citizen of the Republic of China.

He was born with a royal blood, but he died as normal person. The movie was very long but it was also very nice. It shows not only the true to life story of the last emperor of China, but also its country colorful history. From having different dynasties to finally becoming a republic. If Pu Ye wasn’t as lucky as those other emperors before him, he was still part of China’s history and played a great role in it.


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