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The growth of online business in malaysia

Because today almost all Malaysian having a gadget with internet such as smartened ,tablet and laptop to use to shop item in the internet. What is online business? The term online business means a new trend that delivers business entirely online or ND extension of their current business with the internet being another channel to sell and market their item. 2. 0 BODY Factor of the growth online business in Malaysia 2. Nowadays Internet user in Malaysia have increase rapidly from 3. 7 million user at year 2000 to 17. 7 million user at year 2012 its about 61% user from the population of Malaysia 29 % of internet user in Malaysia like to spent time about 1-2 hour per day to shop online The item that they always preferred to buy online are cloth and accessories ,electronic merchandise ,computer accessories , books and other as well.

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Online business easy to setup Just using bloodspot ,free website or social media to do marketing and selling item online from those tool. Surprisingly internet user in Malaysia didn’t mind if they spent about OROMO-300 to do shopping online . Most of them like to buy the item using credit card and they also like to shop online using website rather than using faceable User nowadays are more mobile and having less time to physically shop at the shopping mall 2. Cause of the growth online business in Malaysia People also can do a secret purchased because they might scared/ embarrassing to arches or buy some product/item at the physical shop and also give more privacy to user to buy their interest item using online method People nowadays love to buy something with an easy and fastest method using internet because can save cost of transportation to buy something that they want to buy.

User also can easily compare the price with other reseller using online method and it can provide more choice for user to choose. Sometime got item that didn’t sell in Malaysia, but user nowadays can buy whatever item they want using online method. Sometime got item that sell more cheaper rather than buying at physical shop. Online business are now become very important in Malaysia because people are now need something that easy and convenience with Just a click. 2. Implication of the online business Giving opportunities to companies and entrepreneur to extend their business online Helping people such as housewife selling items online ,and online business also encourage people to do business and gain profit without using a lot of money reduce because all bill ,order and receipt detail were email thru customer. Gives chances to everyone to do shopping as it will available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week Some of them using online method to sell their pre love item such as books, magazine, children dress ,toys and women or man accessories.

Some people also sell their skill ability through online such as photography ,petrography services for wedding or company event. Giving more choice for user to search or to do comparison of certain online product within Just one click. 3. 0 CONCLUSION The growth of online business in Malaysia giving more variety to people on making hooch in certain products and giving a chances to people on gaining profit Just using online method to sell their item.


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