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The Greatest I chose Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors as the greatest point guard in the NAB because he has shown great characteristics such as leadership, team player and also a very caring person on the court as well as in his local community and different Countries. He shows great quality as far someone who comes from a very strong basketball family, starting with his father who played several seasons in the NAB all the way down to younger brother playing basketball at Duke University. Stephen chose to use summer as a time to go over to Africa and spend time with the coals.

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While there, he got a chance to see how people lived and what they go through every day. ESP. reports that Stephen curry donates 816 nets for every three- point shoot he makes. While most players spend their time off with their families, he chooses to go to a different country. He is also a member of the NAB Cares Program and he helps the organization by visiting children in the hospital and build homes in the San Francisco area. Leadership is another characteristic that Stephen Curry tends to show at young age in his NAB career. This makes him the greatest to e because without good leader nothing can be accomplished.

Curry leads his team in every game by making sure that everyone gets involved the plays on offense and defense. He makes everyone on the floor better because he puts the other players in the right position to score. He also provides advice for whom ever needs it whether it be for a rookie or veteran player. Finally, what makes Stephen Curry the greatest of all time is that he is a great team player which means he is loved all over the Bay area and in the locker room where he is very well respected by the locals and the Warrior basketball team franchise.


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