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The Gilded Age Book Analysis

War era in which population and economy of the United States grew enormously and the upper class displayed their wealth extravagantly. Great contributors to the huge population explosion were the country’s western expansions as well as big industrial cities forming in the Northeast. The owners of these factories became filthy rich as they exploited the working class using unethical and in some cases illegal practices. These people became known as “robber barons”.

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This is a prime example of the amount of corruption that took place in this era. The corruption of this era was apparent in The Gilded Age by Mark Twain. There were many instances of political corruption in this book. One of the main culprits was how Senator Dilatory. Dilatory had been charmed by an attractive young lady name Laura. This woman charmed the Senator so much that he decided to take her back to Washington D. C. With him. Once in Washington, Dilatory would use Laura to persuade the other Senators to vote in a certain way.

She seemed to eave a strong influence on these Senators using very unethical ways. This example of corrupted behavior was only one of the methods used in this era. However, Senator Doltishly brilliant plan came to an abrupt end when Laura murdered her former lover after seeing him in Washington. Laura was now out of the picture as she was trying to avoid murder charges. This was not the end of Senator Tollbooths corruptive ways, however. Senator Dilatory had a new plan in the making where he proposed a bill to use the Hawkins land in Tennessee to create a university for blacks.

If this bill was passed, Washington Hawkins and Colonel Sellers expected to make a huge fortune. This was because the seventy-five thousand acre lot that they were trying to sell to the U. S. Government was failing land that they were not able to prosper off in the past. It seemed that all the Senators at this time were taking bribes for votes on all bills. Dilatory, Hawkins, and Sellers were attempting to buy votes so the bill could be passed and were caught in the act and exposed to the public. This is an example of the property law scandal going on around this time.

This event occurred around the time where Dilatory was up for reelection and this negative exposure ended his political career. Senator Dilatory, a corrupt politician, was a prime example of what was happening during this time period. His long career of using unethical methods to gain votes was finally finished. The most significant connection between Mark Twain’s The Gilded Age and the legal system in America during this era was the aspect of corruption in politics. Senator Dilatory is a classic example of the type of corruption that was going on around this time.

There were many cases similar to the situation described in the story. This corruption combined with the exploitation of the working class by the “robber barons” made this post-civil War era a rough time for the average person. Meanwhile, the rich were getting richer using any means necessary to do so, whether these practices were legal or illegal, ethical or unethical. This way of civilization was and more necessary. This era in time can be marked as one where the legal system of the United States was completely against the ethics in which this country was built upon.


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