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The Effect of Technology and Multitasking on Work

Although technology has made an extreme advancement over the years, and with hat, has increased in the vast role it plays in society, these advancements cause problems. The use of cell phones, for instance has dramatically increased since the first cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper in 1973 on April 3 (Martin), to the newest version of the phone, the as (Seer’s). In the past, cell phones were generally used as a device that helped people get into touch with others. It was an optional device to have, and wasn’t a “necessity’ the way it is today.

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Now, as years have progressed, the cell phone has become a vital accessory and society has become Elian on it, and ultimately, technology as a whole. Cell phones are no longer used for solely contact purposes; it has expanded to a world where anything can be accessed via cell phone. It is presented in an article called “Backbone and academic performance”, by Paul Kirsches and his colleague, Aryan Sharkskin that when people are needed to complete a certain task and to focus entirely on it, they can be easily distracted by their cell phones.

Researchers Priori, NAS, and Wagner state that moving in- between different tasks causes a higher chance of inefficiency in the performance of ACH task individually; more mistakes are made, and the time it takes to complete these tasks increases heavily (CTD. In Kirsches 1238). This can be caused by how attached society has become to the technology they own. Few people have the willpower to block out the pull technology has put on them. However, the majority of our society cannot handle the overwhelming amount of technology and real world work that is thrown at them.

Multitasking, for instance appears to help people accomplish tasks quickly. In most cases, the quality of work isn’t as high as it would be if a person focused all their attention on one task at a time. According to the American Psychological Association, Juggling two or more tasks at a time, can dramatically decrease efficiency and can ultimately cause a person to make more mistakes (CTD. In Kirsches 1238). A person working on two or more tasks, for example will most likely be uncommitted to each individual task because the focus is shifting from one to the other, thus putting a decrease on productivity.

Kirsches and Sharkskin explain that social networking or testing through phones scientists Strayed, Dress, and Crouch, an experiment was performed that allowed people to communicate on their cell phones while driving. They compared drivers that communicated on their phones, to drivers that were intoxicated. The studies showed that the results were similar in that braking times were delayed, and focus was not entirely on the road (CTD. In Kirsches 1239).

This experiment shows that multitasking can potentially be dangerous and is heavily distracting. Backbone use, for instance, has dramatically increased over the past three or four years, thus increasing society’s time spent online. According to a researcher, Vended Bogart, students with low grade point averages generally spend more time browsing Backbone (CTD. In Kirsches 1240). Kirsches and Sharkskin conducted an experiment where they compared the results of students mean grade point averages to whether or not they were Backbone users.

It was found that Backbone users had a lower mean grade point average, and studied fewer hours per week than non Backbone users who alternatively maintained a higher grade point average and found more time to study (1243). In addition, there is an assumption that technology associates with education, creating a positive effect on the rise of technology. However, according to Huntley et al. , there is no relationship between the amount of time spent at home on the imputer and the grade point average of students (CTD. In Kirsches 1240).


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