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The Best Transportation is by Bus

The bus may not be the most comfortable form of transportation, but it’s defiantly the most convenient. In the persuasive article “The Bus, a Modern Panacea,” Lester Detroit explains how taking the bus can cure all transportation issues that San JossГ© State students may encounter, such as traffic, parking, and many types of car expenses. He also mentions how oil consumptions and carbon pollution can be reduced when more students choose to ride the bus. I agree with Detroit and feel that transportation by bus will help students save time, money, and also help the environment by reducing air pollution.

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San JossГ© State is located downtown where it’s very polluted; however, when more and more students take the bus, the environment will benefit and the air will be cleaner to most citizens. Pollution means that the air is contaminated and can be a health hazard for citizens in our community. In an online source at plenipotentiaries. Org, Todd Davis shows that the amount of carbon dioxide pollution in the air will decrease by 20 pounds every day for each person who decides to take the bus instead of their car. This shows that taking the bus will help the environment tremendously.

Not only will the bus decrease pollution, it will also help students save money which is very beneficially to most college students. As most students have to pay for their education, they don’t need to be wasting money on gas, parking permits, and even tickets for traffic violations. Regardless to how far you live, the free WA pass provided by San JossГ© State eliminates all transportation expenses, making the bus very convenient for students. I have been aging the bus to and from San JossГ© State daily since I started school in August, and I have not spent a dime on transportation.

In addition, I would say I saved money by not parking in the wrong parking zone or for speeding. At the moment, I’m an unemployed full-time student and feel that the money I save is very helpful when I need to buy books or purchase other supplies for school. Although students save money, they can also save time by choosing to take the bus as an alternative for their vehicles. Time is very limited for college students because the majority of the student population at San JossГ© State only likes to eat, sleep, study, and party.

By taking the bus, students have time to study or relax so they are ready to learn once they get to class. In the “JUS Transportation Solutions Survey – Fall 2009,” about 70% of JUS students claim that transit service is too slow. This shows that most students only think about time spent on a bus ride and the fifteen seconds spent stopping at bus stops on the way to their destination; instead those students would rather waste their time racing floor to floor in the parking garage, trying to find a decent parking pot.

Students at San JossГ© State need to wake up and realize that the bus is their best transportation option regardless to inconvenience some students claim they have. Transportation via bus can eliminate problems that students come across every day. When students choose to take the bus, they can help reduce pollution; save money for other various school related costs, and their valuable time. I choose to take the bus because it is the best option money wise, but overall it is extremely helpful in should take advantage of.


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