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Texting while driving

Driving a car is a very big responsibility we are given at a young age. I received my driver’s license at the age of sixteen. At that age, I realized that driving a car made me responsible for my actions on the road. Sure, I had more freedom, but with more freedom came more accountability for the lives of others while driving. The more I would drive around, the more comfortable I became behind the wheel of a car. I had my own space on the road and could escape from any situation. This was a new kind of freedom for me, the kind of freedom that I did not want to take for granted.

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As said by Robert A Heinlein, “l am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. “‘ am part of the generation that had a cell phone long before having a car. As a society, we have become more and more dependent upon the use of cell phones. They have enabled us to stay connected to the world. With smart phones, we can now check the weather, email, and that eBay item we really want to win in a bidding war.

When we talk or kook at a cell phone, our attention span becomes very limited. The emotional stress while talking on a cell phone can lead to decreased awareness on what is happening around a person. Personally, I see no difference between talking on a cell phone and watching a television show. Every day, I see many people on cell phones while driving. I see drivers in cars, Subs, and semi trucks all holding a phone up to their ear while making one-handed turns. I think back to when I received my driver’s license and how important it was to have my hands on the wheel at ten and two-o- clock.

I remember being told by my driving instructor to always be aware of what is happening twelve seconds ahead of me. Looking at all of these cell phone users on the road, I can’t imagine they even know what is going on five seconds ahead of them. I have heard that a person’s attention span is decreased four times while talking on a cell phone. A decreased attention span of four times is also the same as a person with a blood alcohol level of . 08. Studies have shown that testing and driving is twice as risky as talking on a cell phone.

With more and more teenagers acquiring cell hones, up to fifty percent of teens admit to testing while driving. In my personal opinion, we, as a society, should make cell phone use illegal while driving on the road. I have heard about all of the accidents associated with cell phone use and I am bewildered that we haven’t made any action to address this issue. I love the fact that hands-free devices are an option with new technology coming out; as of recently, we have developed voice activated calling that’s now included in newer models of cars. Sure, Michigan has made it illegal to text while driving, but what about talking on a bile device?

I can’t help but think about all of the times I have been on the highway and have witnessed drivers making lane changes without looking because they had a phone up to their ear. Drivers on cell phones also have an eighteen percent slower reaction time to brake lights. Several states have already banned the use of cell phones while driving. The carelessness needs to stop! We need to reprimand those who are putting others lives at risk on the road. If we can’t confront and enforce this issue, the deaths will Just keep on coming. Testing while driving By sparseness


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