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Pyramid of the Sun Second largest structure in Mesospheric 3rd largest pyramid in the world Pyramid of the Moon Exhibits the Talmud-tabletop architectural structure that is usually seen in Discontinuance culture Pyramid of Quadruplicate Sacred to the feathered serpent God, known as Quadruplicate Shows some of the earliest representations of the Feathered Serpent, which is seen throughout Mesospheric in different cultures Palace of the Jaguars -One of the most meaningful temples of the sacred city The Citadels -May have been used for ritual performance Huge enclosure located at the geographic center of the city

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My favorite food is tuna casserole, the way my mom cooks it! When I get home from school everyday I love to take naps and play Candy Crush. I played soccer for Haggier last year, and I plan on trying out again this year. My favorite TV show would have to be the Walking Dead. I started watching it on Nettling last year and became hooked! I went to a Baptist church for preschool in Alabama. I remember doing lots of activities and hating nap time. I have neighbors with a little girl in kindergarten and a little boy in 3rd grade. I babysat them regularly while their parents are working.

I have and how much they look up to you. My best qualities for working with young children is my humor and my ability to get along with everyone very easily. I always know how to cheer people up. I am interested in this class because it’s very involved and it’s something completely different from any other class. I don’t like sitting in a desk all day because I’m a very active and outgoing person. Also, this will give me more experience with children. I expect to gain more responsibility from working with the children. Having to observe them and plan out their day gives you the control.

I’m responsible for what they learn and what they do, and I think that will be a great experience for me. This summer I went to Sensible Island for vacation with my family. I had an amazing time and the beaches were breathtaking. We rented a condo right on the beach, and I didn’t want to leave. I also went to Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach a lot this summer. Those are my moms two favorite places to go and we have seasonal passes! My sister and I surf so we went to 16th street at Cocoa Beach to catch some waves. Mostly I spent summer outside Just enjoying the sun and nature.


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