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Telfer Clowns and Hyenas

Teller about Clowns and Hyenas. I thought it was a great comparison to many stage related Jobs such as poets, comedians, and ACTA arson the way they might be feeling towards the audience and their critics during their routine. It made me feel alone and singled out listening to it, like all of the sudden the whole room was quiet and agitated at me. It was dark and set a very serious mood. I liked the way a story displayed to me made me feel such feelings. A. Robbie Q.

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Teller used very loud voice and body like he wanted the whole room to twice him, well I guess that is the whole point, but when the Clown and Hyena segment came on he became a dark image. Like he went somewhere dark and violent and then told the poem. His voice was monotone and serious. His movements subsided and became rigid and still. His voice was piercing. How he displayed this moment was very impressive. B. The audience was in a long period of absolute quiet. No one was talking to their friends or neighbors. People’s eyes were focused and not drifting over the crowd and room.

I was kind of awe struck the same ay except my reaction after the moment was to look around and see how it had affected everybody else in the room. It had to be the most serious and tense moment of Friday night. What I interpreted I saw would have to be a revealing moment this man had had and captured on paper. The feelings he must experience sometimes before plays or showings like Friday night. It made me feel sorry but even more so respect the Job these people perform in front of audiences and critics. C. The performance worked in a sense that they did what they came to do.

They began and knishes the performance. But to the sort of level is confusing for me because that was my first ever poetry reading I have attended. Maybe it depends on what the poets were seeking to accomplish. Are they here to shock us, sorrow us, anger us, or maybe even disappoint us. To me I went through an array of feelings as the performance continued. I went from agitated and annoyed with having to be there on a Friday night to interested, to sad(The miscarriage part), to anger(lira War part), and then the most awry to me was this clown standing on stage dangling like a piece f meat for the Hyenas.

So whatever it is they wanted to accomplish I would agree with them that they had accomplished something. D. The cultural connections that I stood out the most to me were that they covered edgy topics and current events that play into our lives. The most vivid was the lady discussion of miscarriages. The way she described the baby dying and then the onset of depression was hard to listen to, especially when a girl next to me started crying due to the fact that maybe she had had a miscarriage or a friend had.

The way she talked sounded hurtful and disgusting and I guess because how she spoke so loudly of a sensitive topic Just weirder me out because I am Just not used to talking about miscarriages in front of a lot of people let alone strangers. E. One thing I would steal would be their complete comfort level they had on stage. They were completely comfortable and you could tell they had done this many times before. I believe that would be the most beneficial to my group. Teller Clowns and Hyenas By reactivity’s


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