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Clyde, Genoa is located in southwest Arkansas, east of Texarkana Arkansas. Genoa was founded by the Whiteheads in 1803 and later inhabited by the Purifoys. Since Genoa was founded, our youth have taken up many original activities such as playing the banjo, riding four wheelers, or noodling in the nearby bayou. Genoa consists of a post office, a school, a hardware store, a bait shop, a barber shop, and two gas stations. Genoa is so original; we named our gas stations “Whiteheads” and “Purifoys” after Genoas founding fathers.

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With all this being said, I would love to invite you to this beautiful, teenager friendly community. Teenagers would have the most fun in Genoa if they were to go ride four wheelers at a place known as whiteheads. To a Genoa citizen there is nothing more fun than rewing up your Honda Just to get it stuck or broke. The Whitehead family has raised a good amount of their money from their homemade mud park. It costs 15 dollars per person to get into Whiteheads “mud run”, but believe me, it is well worth the money.

There is a lake to the east of Genoa known on the map as Keller Lake but the locals call it “Kelly Lake”. You can do many things on this glorified sewer pond where the river used to come through. It is very common to find people fishing for trash fish such as the Alligator Gar, but with all the snakes on the lake you would be lucky to get your fish to the boat. It is common to find the locals duck hunting on “Kelly Lake” because it is close to the red river. The main attraction to the glorious town of Genoa is our marvelous school system.

The high school is not very culturally diverse seeing as the student body is made up of ninety-eight percent white teens. Although we are not very culturally diverse, we encourage the enrolment of other ethnic groups. One of the most experienced staff at Genoa high school is none other than Luke Whitehead. He teaches biology to the students at Genoa, and preaches that a healthy diet will increase your lifespan drastically. He once brought a one-hundred pound snapping turtle to show to his class. He scares some of his students to death but all together e is an amazing teacher.

Genoa isn’t your average town. Some call Genoa a small redneck town in the middle of nowhere, but Genoa is where I was born and raised. I have a special connection with this small town. It has a special place in my heart. These teenage years I’m going through could be a lot worse if I was going to a school such as Fouke. Genoa may be different from most towns but it is a very teenage friendly community. So even though people ridicule this town, I will always be born and raised in Genoa. Teen friendly By Jasonhankins


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