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taking a gap year BY Anonna0635 Arionna Thomas 4 period 12-5-13 Schools Out Forever Public education in the state of Ohio requires students and teachers to take breaks during winter, spring, and summer. However, have you ever wondered about those long breaks and if they are doing any damage to the mindset of students? Were you one of these students that didn’t want to come back to school? What about taking a year off of school after graduation?

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You remember how hard it was to get back on our sleeping schedule during the last week of summer vacation. Would students even go back to school or stay home and find a Job to get them by with the lifestyle they are living? If you honestly think about it , maybe students should have a year off of school. If they have a year off of school, they can earn more money to put toward their college tuition. Also they can have enough time to relax after 12 years of school. Better yet they would take the college seriously because they would be older.

Basically having a year off of school would probably be a good idea. Euclid High School should permit students to take a year off a school because they can work and save more money for tuition , have a long break after 12 years of school , and also students would be more mature to take college seriously. College is a huge amount of money , Just burning a hole in you or your parents pocket. Thats why its so important to get good grades because you would be able to receive a scholarship or ven a full scholarship.

Usually students with low incomes coming into the house usually have to work for money instead of going to their parents for money. College is between $30,000 to $75,000 for tuition , not including books and personal things to take care of yourself. If a future college student have to work for the money for college it would be more smarter to take a year off of school and work for the money they need , at least half of it. Students can take out loans or receive grants for school ut still somehow gonna have to pay for something.

Working at a fast food restuarant wouldnt help much with saving money. If a student want to save money they earn from work for college would have to working at a Job that pays at least $8. 50 an hour. Spend some time working in a career field that interests you. If you enjoy it, you’ll have even more incentive to succeed in your chosen college major. If it’s not the field for you, you’ll still have plenty of time to explore other career opportunities.


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