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The outside world

The long-term goal encouraged the players to perform on the pitch to achieve a specific target despite the prediction of relegation by the outside world. Individual goal setting can be split into Ego or task orientated. (Lemyre, Roberts and Ommundsen 2002, Gill 2000, Cox 2002 and Reilly and Williams 2003) TaskRead More

TD Canada Trust and the World

TD’s merger with Canada Trust was evidently a strategy for the bank to increase its international clout. In terms of the Dunning reading, we can categorize TD as a strategic asset seeker. Such a move would “add to the acquiring firm’s existing portfolio of assets, others which they perceive willRead More

Third World cities

Over recent decades the population of rural areas in developing countries have been migrating in increasing numbers to urban areas. Motivations behind migration are varied, although three main factors stand out. Economic reasons are of highest importance, migrants often head to cities in search of paid work to improve theirRead More

The World and the West

Curtin organizes his book into four parts: the technological root of European imperialism and the patterns of European expansion; cultural change among peoples over whom Europeans had direct rule; cultural change among peoples under informal European control; and cultural change in the last twenty-five years, the time of the “liquidation”Read More

Medieval Society Existing in a 19th Century World

During the 19th Century, Russia was often viewed as being ‘behind’ other European countries in the world of technology and through it’s rather harsh Capitalist government ruled by the Tsar, a tradition which had lasted for centuries. At this time there were many areas of Russian society which were oldRead More

When should we trust our senses to give us truth?

Sense perception is one of the four ways of knowing. It is our senses that give us the ability to smell, hear, touch, see and taste. As we use these abilities to perceive the world around us, how much can we rely on them to give us the truth? ThisRead More

Filters through which one perceives the world

The Oxford Advanced Learning Dictionary defines a filter, as an apparatus for holding back substances. Filters allow something’s to pass through them and not others. This word can have many different forms of usage. Yet, when talking about life or how one perceives the world, a filter has a moreRead More

Contact with the world

This shows that he realizes and understands that what he is doing is evil and immoral. Nonetheless, Frankenstein also believes in what he is doing, he says, “A new species would bless me as it creator. … No father could claim the gratitude of his child so completely as IRead More

Will War of The Worlds damage our children?

If we accept Social Learning Theory in relation to the first assumption then young people would imitate their role models, therefore after watching a film like War of The Worlds, children should be aware of how to behave, which in society should be a non-violent way. Peer mentors such asRead More

Factors affecting rates of population change across the world

Factors affecting rates of population change across the world Throughout the world today, ones can see huge differences in rates of population change, from massive population growth rates to a gradual decline in population. There are some countries in the world today, where the rate of population change is extremely low andRead More


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