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Women as Perpetrators

However, the Rwandan genocide was unique in the sense that the mass extermination was not only executed by people from the military or community leaders but by almost every citizen in the country. This means, women were also having different roles aside from being raped and killed. They participated notRead More

Women at the Thesmophori

The ancient texts describe women in two ways: as either good or bad. Women become good if they properly manage and keep oikos (family, household), and women disrupting it are bad. It can be illustrated by the characters of Helen, her sister Clytaemnestra and Penelope in the myth of TrojanRead More

Women’s Power

Simone De Beauvoir is regarded to be rationalistic and Eurocentric. Furthermore, the contemporary feminist theorists think of her to be male-biased and opinions on Beauvoir’s works to be simply valued for historical reasons. It was also told that her ideas were generally outdated. These opinions had been spreading in theRead More

Delia’s life

In the story “Trifle,” the way the setting was depicted by the author helps the audience understand how sad the main character is. The setting also helps the audience to understand why Mrs. Wright was fond of her bird as the bird gave her life and happiness. In the play,Read More

Women and Girls as Victims in DRC

Women have been tortured, genitally maimed, raped and killed at times disembowelled to kill a foetus along with its mother in the 1990s Balkans wars, during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda (to which the war in Congo is directly linked). The trend has prompted campaigns at the United Nations andRead More