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MIcrofinance & Role of Women

In today’s world, mostly the developing nations, the concept of micro-financing has become a popular jargon thanks to the Grameen Bank, a novel initiative from Bangladesh to finance the poor for starting their individual businesses and becoming economically stable. This management tool promises a bright future for the poverty strickenRead More

Women’s Control Units

Control units exist for women, as well as men, the goals are the same, to destroy those imprisoned within, or even better, to allow them to destroy themselves. The techniques vary somewhat from the men’s control units, and therefore have been marginalized for not being of the same level ofRead More

The portrayal of women

Women are portrayed very differently in these pre-twentieth short stories than they are in real life today. This helps to show how differently women were looked at generally before 1900. Women were seen at as inferior and the second sex in these stories. They are also seen as ‘breeding machines’Read More

The Women in ‘My Last Duchess’

The Women in ‘My Last Duchess’ and ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ Represent Two Very Different Kinds of Personality. Through a Comparison of Both Poems, Explain What These Differences are and What Effect the Women Have on the Men Around Them. Although two very different poems, there are many similaritiesRead More

The Inspector Calls

Gerald Croft, Who was going to marry Sheila, was next to be question. He didn’t know the girl as Eva Smith but as Daisy Renton. He had met her in the bar at the Palace Variety Theatre, a place full of prostitutes, “It’s a favourite haunt for women of theRead More

The Buddha of Suburbia

Maris is an author who wrote “On Being a Cripple”. She is an unfortunate person because she is a cripple caused by disease. Additionally, she feels disability to change the fact on her. However, she doesn’t feel disappointed and sad about she is a cripple, on the contrary, she isRead More

Pregnant women

The government had the right attitude towards evacuation. Their slogan was ‘Keep them happy, Keep them safe.’ This implies that they were concerned for the safety of the children. However the government used propaganda to cover the negative aspects of evacuation. For example the lack of foster parents. They publishedRead More

The changing position of women and the suffrage question

Women’s role in society was domestic, they were seen as intrinsically weak, passive and ‘delicate’ creatures who must be protected from the outside world. Women were altruistic ‘guardians’ of the home. Separate spheres The ‘angel in the house’ reflected and perpetuated the notion of separate spheres. Public man, and privateRead More

Women as Perpetrators

However, the Rwandan genocide was unique in the sense that the mass extermination was not only executed by people from the military or community leaders but by almost every citizen in the country. This means, women were also having different roles aside from being raped and killed. They participated notRead More

Women at the Thesmophori

The ancient texts describe women in two ways: as either good or bad. Women become good if they properly manage and keep oikos (family, household), and women disrupting it are bad. It can be illustrated by the characters of Helen, her sister Clytaemnestra and Penelope in the myth of TrojanRead More


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