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First and Second World War

Ethel Bedford-Fenwick’s contributions to the profession were that if she hadn’t of campaigned for registration anybody could have classed themselves as a nurse and not had the relevant training. These days with technology as it is, we need to rely on the fact that people know what they are doingRead More

Generals win battles, resources win wars

Resources and Generals assume a complex relationship during any conflict; Generalship being vital to the effective organisation and preparation of supplies, whilst often relying on them to sustain the war. A war is sustained and won by more than just resources, however; the ‘War’ of the Bavarian Succession being aRead More

Pointless death in war

Good Evening/Morning Teachers and fellow students, today is the day that marks Wilfred Owens Inclusion into the War Poets Hall of Fame. Owens poetry was different to that of some other types of war poets of his time because he was courageous enough to make his ‘attacks’ on the governmentRead More

Truth of War

A journalist would always like to believe that it is their responsibility to report the truth, and most would go to great lengths to achieve this. However, when it comes to war reporting there has always been a battle for the truth, and a mass of debates over the rightRead More

War with Iraq

“UK national newspapers have adopted a racist attitude in their coverage of recent international events (i.e.; terrorism, asylum seekers, war with Iraq).” Discuss. Introduction For the purpose of discussing the above statement it would be suitable to first of all note that the question at hand is rather loose, for the purposeRead More

Rebuilding Germany after the Second World war and through the cold war

At the end of WWII Germany stood in ruins with most of its major towns and industrial heartland bombed beyond recognition. The country was divided between the allies, with France, Britain and the US holding land in the west and Russia holding land in the East. Like orphaned twins, separatedRead More

The First World War

To you, who have stood beside me, I owe more than my own life. I owe you the future. You have been strong and have not faltered even in my darkest of nights. You have held my hand tight, not allowing me to fall, you have pulled me along andRead More

Cold War Era

EACSO (1961-1967) was developed after independence to continue these links and aid the development of the region. It was meant to provide a community …in which a shared and centralised administration was to provide services, including transportation, communication, tax collection, scientific research, social services and university education. The EACSO charter wasRead More

Second World War

To address this question one needs to consider the different aspects of German strategy. Specifically these include their military, their economy, and their political agendas. In addition to highlighting their flaws, it may also be useful to compare and contrast with Great Britain, whose strategy was ultimately successful. Alternatively, itRead More

The European Great Powers

The drive for overseas empire by the European Great Powers between 1890 and 1914 was a means of consolidating conservative rule at home.’ Discuss with reference to one or more powers. From 1890 Europe began to see a change in its political spectrum. The age of authoritarian conservative rule was beingRead More


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