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Violencia Racionalizacin

Nationalism and ethnicity have become ever more important in the modern world. They have affected, quite profoundly, the international political system, having the power to alter state boundaries, leading to either peace or conflict. Together they have altered the perceptions of millions of people. An almost invisible overlap of nationalistRead More

Violence on television affects

I personally think that television is a bad influence on people of all ages. Violence on television affects children negatively, according to psychological research. The three major effects of seeing violence on television are that children may become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others, children may beRead More

Violence on audiences

What do researchers define as ‘media violence’? What kind of assumptions do they make and social positions do they come from? How convincing is the evidence presented in terms of the effects of violence on audiences? Moral panics have occurred in relation to cinema, radio, comics, music, television and videosRead More

Glorify violence

At first glance it certainly seems that Burgess uses unnecessary imagery and descriptions of an extraordinary length in order to glorify violence. One only needs to count the times the word “krovvy” is used, or how many “tolchocks” are given. Even the Russian word for “good” has been corrupted toRead More

Eeffects Of Domestic Violence

Effects of domestic violence are many. They range from economic, to social and health problems. Socially, families experience divorce, separation, and the break up. Violence is the reason stated for divorce in 22% of middle-class marriages according to the finings of EAP Digest November/December 1991. When these happen and areRead More

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence involves coerced sex through threats, intimidation or physical force and may take the following forms; a). Use of physical force to compel a person to engage in a sexual act against their will, whether or not the act is completed. Even in a marriage relationship, sex should beRead More

Physical Violence

Physical violence is the intentional use of physical force with the potential for causing injury, harm, disability, or death, for example, hitting, shoving, biting, arm twisting, restraint, kicking, or use of a weapon. It also include strangling, slapping, burning, chocking and murder Physical violence is more visible than any otherRead More

Economic Violence

Economic violence occurs when one person in the family takes undue control over the family’s resources especially money and denies other the access to the same. It is common mostly in the African and Asian cultures where men are considered superior than women. In such a situation men take controlRead More

Effects of Domestic Violence

Short and long term effects of domestic violence is expected for victims depending on the length of time that they were abused. Long term effect on women includes anxiety, chronic depression, death, drug and alcohol dependence, eating disorders, malnutrition, panic attacks, self neglect, sleeping disorders and suicide attempts. Anyone hasRead More

Domestic Violence

Being addicted to alcohol and certain drugs is also one of the prevailing causes of domestic violence. Abuse of substances influences a person’s behavior and may cause him to become violent. Poor emotional health is caused by alcohol driven mind and drug influenced system. (Domestic Violence, 2006). Domestic violence isRead More


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