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Advanced Coaching Theory

Sports’ coaching is a very complex and complicated process. It is a process that requires input from a wide variety of specialist sub disciplines within the area. The management and the uniting of these specialist areas into a strategy to improve sporting performance is the major role of the coachRead More

Attribution Theory

Self confidence is essential if a performer is to achieve at the highest level of their capacity. The growth of a positive attitude will enable the achievement of the self fulfilling prophecy. Self motivation We are motivated to compete in sport by a number of factors. These factors include aRead More

An Experiment on Dual Coding Theory

Dual Coding Theory is proposed in order to shed light on the equal weights given to verbal and non-verbal processing. The research is conducted in order to determine whether verbal and non-verbal information has an effect to the memory recognition of a person. The researcher conducted an experiment in aRead More

Algo-heuristic Theory

Landa’s theory (Landa, 1976) is concerned with identifying mental processes — conscious and especially unconscious — that underlie expert learning, thinking and performance in any area. His methods represent a system of techniques for getting inside the mind of expert learners and performers, which enable one to uncover the processesRead More

Hirschi’s Social Control Theory

In fact, a study done by the Social Science Research Council found a large proportion (70%) of 47 mothers who were abused were currently mistreating their children. Altogether 33 mistreated their children, of which 16 were clear cut abuse cases, 3 were being taken care of by someone other thanRead More

The Optimality theory

Definition. In line with Alan Prince and Paul Smolensky, in their paper entitled ‘Optimality Theory: Constraint Interaction in Generative Grammar’, the optimality theory… [S]hifts the burden from the theory of operations (Gen) to the theory of well-formedness (H-val). To the degree that the theory of wellformedness can be put generally,Read More