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Design and technology

Through studying a history in such a practical way, an event from the past can be recreated and brought to life. Drama also has the ability to add emotion and feeling to history, something that the written word is less able to do. The children can put themselves into theRead More

Information Technology System For a School

An interview was arranged with Mr. Mark Glasse, the system administrator, in his office. It proceeded as follows: Q: How long have you been working here, Mr. Glasse? A: Its been around four years since I started wok for the school. Q: How many times has the system been updated since you started work? A:Read More

Benefits of technology

In our increasingly complex society computers are being used in business more and more. They can be used to process information on which to base decisions as well as a storage system making information readily available. It is reasonable to say that, without the power of computer systems, today’s modernRead More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Waitrose Technology

The Handy scan (quick check) was brought into action in 1995 to improve till efficiency and other promotions. When we look at the handy scan (quick check) we can see that it seams very basic and simple to use and function. We can see that it can bring a lotRead More

The media and lifestyle

There is basis to say that with cultures becoming more integrated worldwide, specific funeral rituals are maintained or adapted to suit the dominant society which the west. With the westernization of the East by the West, it could be argued that the Western culture is the more dominant one. WhenRead More

Mimo technology

Mimo technology improves network bandwidth, range and nee at real cost of interfering with wireless facility. Antenna for mimo WiFi router can change antenna 802. 11n is new industry qualification in speedy WiFi network connections. 802. 11n is meant to cover up the a, b and q WiFi standards inRead More

Definition and Importance of Surveillance Technology

Surveillance Technology is getting increasingly popular across the world and can even be found in small retail stores, schools, offices, airport terminals, gas stations and numerous profit-making locations in different areas. The importance of Surveillance Technology should not be under-emphasized because security is one of the major issues that mostRead More

Information Technology

YouTube is one of the most popular online video websites in the world. The website is one of the most visited websites on the internet. Since the day of its foundation the YouTube has been facing the problem of copyright infringement. The most concerned were the companies who own theRead More