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Index System

All evidence collection should be undertaken in as timely a manner as possible, especially if biological evidence is involved. Humidity, direct sunlight, rain, and the growth of bacteria can all degrade samples beyond recovery. And removing the evidence to the inside of an evidence van sitting in bright sunlight doesn’tRead More

A formal PA system

A formal PA system can provide a framework within which appraisers and appraisees can operate. A PA system can be developed through a programme comprising some stages, such as, determine overall approach to performance appraisal, where and how PA should be introduced, decide who is to be covered, decide onRead More

Spring system starts oscillating

Hypothesis: When a mass is added at the end of the spring, downward force results in extension of the spring and from Hooke’s Law we know that F = kx. When additional mass is applied downward there is extra extension in the spring which when released causes the system toRead More

Ecosystems: Photosynthesis

One of the most common producers is green plants. These organisms absorb light energy from the sun or chemical reactions to convert carbon dioxide to organic matter. Green plants can also use water to convert carbon dioxide to organic compounds such as sugar glucose. The result of this is thatRead More

Education system

Hard Times is a powerful use of satire. The satire is aimed at the Victorian school system and some values of the Victorian period. The novel presents us a fictional town called ‘Coketown’. It introduces us to a man called Thomas Gradgrind, a satirical character with the basis of aRead More

The monotonous education system

A contrasting character to Sissy is Bitzer who is dull, pale and drained of any life or individuality. “the boy who was so light-eyed and light-haired that he looked as though, if he were cut, he would bleed white.” The fact her could have ‘bled white’ shows a contrast thatRead More

Social system

The reader of the Bible told this extract with absolutely no expression and very little punctuation. The sense of irony stands out that these is completely the opposite of the education method. No – one (or very few) are encouraged and nurtured on a one to one basis, most areRead More

The official support system the British PM

The leading theorist of the Behaviourist approach was James Watson. So -called the ‘father of Behaviourism’, he formulated the principles of the Behaviourist model. His work and ideas were supplemented by the work of Thorndike. His contribution to Behaviourism was the formulation of ‘laws’ which could be used to summariseRead More

The Education System

This point has caused one of the main criticisms of looking at cultural deprivation as the reason for working class underachievement. Critics have argued that working class parents seem less interested and less encouraging because of their situation and circumstances. They want to show their children what life is likeRead More

The first binary system

This essay will look at the history of computers, beginning from Stonehenge and going right through to today. It will look at what the future holds for the world of computing and I will try to determine the start of this particular technology. It will go on to discuss theRead More