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Reality TV

Television used to be like the movies, an escape from reality. A unique story, specially crafted, either funny or exciting or intelligent or emotional. Now the television set, once so idealistically thought of as our window on the world has become a dime-store mirror. Reality TV is talking over our screensRead More

Universal story

Brassed off is a simple plot that reveals a community of South Yorkshire citizens and their lifestyle during the pit closures of 1992. The main purpose of the film was to show the triumphs, traumas and tribulations of everyday life and opinions of a close-knit society that had been severelyRead More

Smooth story line

The overall organisation of text 1 is symbolised by frequent quotes directly from what Kidman says. Direct quotations not only make text 1 more pitchy and colourful, also, make readers more easily to be convinced. Tuchman (1978, as cited in Bell) suggests that a direct quote is valued as aRead More

Toy Story

In 1995 a new film was to be released by a little known company called Pixar, who had collaborated with the industry giant Disney to produce a feature length computer animated film. The film was called “Toy Story” [8] and followed the life of some toys that lived extra ordinaryRead More

Read the story

“Analysis the relationship between politicians as communicators and media personnel as observers of the political scene is in some conceptual disarray” (Mueller, C, 1973: 148). The political journalist’s effect on the public would be to enlighten the reader’s knowledge about what politicians are doing. After a story about a politician,Read More

Source to get a story

Evaluate the rationale and motivation behind TNC’s diversification strategy. Pay particular attention to their decision to diversify into T. V and satellite broadcasting. The company has 2 stages in my opinion, The First stage- 1980’s. This stage is print based. TNC diversifies in order to get into more attractive businessRead More

Сharacters and the story

In Women of Sand and Myrrh, Maaz is referring to the common attraction between himself and Suzanne. He shows her that he likes her. This could possibly be a deceiving act because Maaz does not seem too genuine as is shown later on in the text. While in the movie,Read More

Of mice and men

After this when all the ranch workers go out to town and only the weak characters are left we see sides of Curley’s wife we haven’t seen before, during a confrontation involving Curley’s wife, Candy, Lennie and Crooks (the black crippled stable hand). Because Crooks, Candy and Lennie were allRead More

How effective is the Barnardos Kim Vale advertisement?

Barnardo’s is a British children’s charity founded by the Irish doctor Thomas John Barnardo in 1866. This particular advertisement was published to increase public awareness and to raise money for young children who have been abused and abandoned through such things as prostitution and effectively give them back their futureRead More

The Life Of Living On The Street

” I’d found a friend and I wanted to hang on to him. ” This tells the readers the Link realises that friends are not often found on the streets of London and he decides that he really wants to keep Ginger close to him, especially since he is onlyRead More


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