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The Speckled Band

We react to the story in that we really try to find out how the girl was killed. I know that when I was reading ‘The Speckled Band’ and had to put it down, I kept thinking about how the murder had happened, and it was almost a relief toRead More

The reader to identify with the main character in each story

Discuss to what extent the writer allows the reader to identify with the main character in each story. I am going to write about two stories from the detective genre. These stories are ‘The Speckled Band’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ by Roald Dahl. ‘The SpeckledRead More

Torvald’s friend

Dr Rank has been Torvald’s friend for many years and has subsequently become good friends with Nora. Tension created between Dr Rank and Nora because of the flirtation that goes on between the two. “You’ll see tomorrow how nicely I can dance. And you can pretend I’m doing it justRead More

The Little Girl Eater, by Septimus Dale

In class we read the story of The Little Girl Eater, by Septimus Dale. The central character is a man called Mason and the story begins with him lying on sand beneath an old coal jetty; he’d been there a long time, after taking a short cut when the tideRead More

The Hero Diary Entry

The old woman suddenly started to shed tears because she noticed that I was going to inform her about his son’s death and I didn’t know what to do so I decided to continue my well prepared speech louder than I was telling it before. But her weeping also gotRead More

Colette’s story

Throughout Colette’s story, the husband and wife remain anonymous to maintain a universal theme of marriage. The young girl is faced with the obstacle of understanding what it means to be married, and questioning her ability to remain with a man she was once infatuated with and who now repulsesRead More

Compare and contrast The Prioress and The Wife of Bath

The Prioress is foolishly sentimental, “She was so charitable and pitous / She wolde wepe, if that she saugh a mous /Knaught in a trappe. ” Chaucer uses the word “charitable” satirically as her kindness to animals seems to far exceed her kindness to people. This is another example ofRead More

The Eve of St. Agnes

Stanza XIX shows the voyeurism of Porphyro into to Madeline’s room; “… which was to lead him, in close secrecy, even to Madeline’s chamber, and there hide him in a closet” By the reader being old that he has to hide it fuels the awareness of nervousness we are feelingRead More

The Diary of Eva Smith

Breakfast this morning consisted of two eggs, some bacon, a slice of fried bread and a cup of sweet tea. A perfect start to the day. Meredith and I have been thinking of an equal rights parade, and as you are well aware, today is the day. The demonstration wasRead More

The Country Wife

In addition, the themes of women versus men in The Country Wife, with women taking on a new, strong and sexually orientated role, coincided with the introduction of women on stage, and therefore making a stand for sexual equality. People were obsessed by what other people of society thought ofRead More