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Smart State Directions Statement

The Queensland Department of Local Government, Planning, Sport and Recreation (DLGPSR) has been launching a campaign, Women in the Smart State Directions Statement 2003-2008, from the end of 2003 to the present. The reason why the state government plans to do for Queensland women is that most of them experienceRead More

The strategic vision statement

The strategic vision statement is a picture of where the organization will be in the future. It defines the direction in which the organization is heading and how it will succeed in reaching its goal. The strategic vision tells the members of the organization “where we are going” and theRead More

The Problem Statement

I had agreed with my director to design the research in order to find the main factors or variables that are related and affect the absenteeism, in order to take them in consideration at our work, rules and practices, also to introduce them in a recommendations to the top levelRead More

The income statement

He defines assets as being everything that you have, according to him this could also include any rights that you own, that have some kind of monetary value, and this could be the right to collect cash from customers who owe you money, i. e. customers that have purchased goodsRead More

The first statement

In this essay, I plan to discuss the key differences between the two statements I have been presented. , 1) “Cannibalism is practised by 8% of the population of Bearsden” and 2) “Cannibalism is morally wrong”. I will attempt to show that there are evidential and substantial differences in theseRead More

State of the Planet

“We believe that in the age of digital television it will not be sufficient for the BBC to offer only two mixed genre channels which are somehow supposed to meet the needs of everyone. That is not how audiences will want to receive television in the future. We need aRead More

Following statement

“Environment taxes are no more than devious attempts to increase tax revenues whilst making governments feel good about themselves” 1. 0 Environmental Tax The world today is suffering with environmental issues, but it is impossible for individuals to make a different by them selves, thus bringing environmental tax into theRead More

Statement carefully

By the word reading, we mean not only the capacity to identify and decode a certain number of signs, but also the … capacity to put them in a creative relation between themselves and other signs (Hall, S. in During, S. (ed) 1993: 99). How can we understand this statement inRead More

Compared with the status of Muslim men

Muslim Women, throughout the centuries, have habitually been categorised, stereotyped, downsized and even degraded into a ‘lower class’, compared with the status of Muslim men. Through the personal translations of the Holy Qu’ran, the societal system during the coming of the Prophet Mohammed around 570AD, and general unease, Muslim womenRead More

Individual Position Statement

I have chosen to study Early Childhood Studies (ECS) at East London University (UEL), because since my childhood I have always found pleasure looking after children. As a result of my keen interest I loved interacting with children, looking after relative’s children and working privately as a child minder. IRead More


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