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Strength endurance

When designing a circuit, it is important I do not exercise the same body part consecutively, unless performing a circuit, which will overload the endurance of one muscle group being trained. If the circuit is not one muscle group specific then the sequence of stations should be varied, for example;Read More

Affect sporting performances

There are many factors that can affect sporting performances in positive and negative ways. In this section I will talk about a few of these examples which include social, physiological and psychological. Role models are one social factor that may affect your performance in a positive way. Many young performers haveRead More

Sports clubs in the UK

Voluntary sports clubs have a big impact on the local community. There are about 150,000 voluntary sports clubs in the UK, 46% of which have been in existence for 30+ years. Between 12.5-14% of the population are members of a voluntary sports club. Voluntary sports clubs like Croygas make aRead More

Sporting links

The links between schools and clubs are usually very good because most school children are usually encouraged to join clubs so that they can do more sport. Most schools run after school clubs, or extra curricular activities, they have done this for years and there have been more clubs added. LotsRead More

Sport encounter

“It is hard to believe that anyone will ever be able to say again, with a straight face, that sport is nothing to do with politics.” (Whannel, 1986, P.2) This coming after the events of the 1980 Moscow Olympics that saw a boycott by the United States as well asRead More

Personality profiling in sport

Describe theories related to personality and how they affect sports performance. Evaluate critically personality profiling in sport. What is a personality? Hollander tells us that a personality ”Is the sum of an individual’s characteristics which make a human unique.” But it is not known for sure what a personality actuallyRead More

Sport in American High Schools

Americans are seen as great sport fans, many thriving on being associated with a particular winning team. Explain this phenomenon and discuss the media attention that surrounds high school teams during certain competitions. The ethic used in American sport is the win ethic. In other words, if you are not winning,Read More

Affects of the Media and Current Issues On Sport

Sport coverage in the media using the newspaper industry began in 1822. Bells Life was the first major sport sheet, followed by Sporting Life in 1865. They focused on bringing short but detailed sports results to the public. In time, most daily newspapers began to include sport sections, which broughtRead More

Why we should not allow performance-enhancing drugs in sports

Performance enhancing drugs considerably influence sports and athletes. Players have to pay heavy price for their life when involved in using performance enhancing drugs. Though drugs improve athlete’s performances like sports technology and equipment but its practice is not rewarded by athlete fans. It is a universal outlook of populaceRead More