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Social Responsibility

The definition of Corporate Social Responsibility is described [Lockwood, 2004] by the World Business Council for sustainable Development as the “commitment of a business to contribute to sustainable economic development, working with employees and their families, the local community and society at large to improve quality of life” [article 1204R].Read More

Social Networking or Social Isolation

Individuals’ use of wed-based interactive websites isn’t just restricted to social interaction and wikipedia.. The shrewder of Internet users out there can now become globally recognised, a familiar face in the sea of faces, if you like. There are several ways of doing it. The first would be to makeRead More

Social dysfunction

When looking at the treatment needed to be given there is a wide variety of options ranging from cognitive behavioural therapy to drug therapy to electro-convulsive therapy. The national institute of mental health looked at the treatment given to major depressed patients and discovered that a basic sixteen week drugRead More

Social Darwinism and colonialism

Discuss the extent to which tourism is a neo colonialist activity supported by cultural perceptions based on social Darwinism and colonialism. ‘… the deeply infused culture of relationships between settlers and the colonised, first created in those distant days of ‘discovery’, lingers and casts its stereotyped understandings on the contemporaryRead More

Changes the atmosphere

A same legend, in different towns, changes the atmosphere, circumstances and characters, according to their social conditions because they come from different parts of the world, many characters, plots and ideas in them are similar. This last point is the one we will try to explain by grouping them byRead More

Social relationships

If a firm is co-coordinated and everyone possesses similar attitudes then employee motivation is likely to rise. If people are happy in their working environment, then their productivity is likely to rise. This in turn leads to increased profitability for the organisation. From looking at Lovelock’s article the issues alreadyRead More

Social division

A key feature of societies is that they are socially divided. Different social groups have access to different amount of power, wealth and influence. Societies are divided by inequalities between different social groups and these determine the life chances and well-being of individuals. The main consequence of recognizing that weRead More

Social anthropology

What are the linguistic origins of anthropology? 2) Define Anthology? The word anthropology came from the word antopos and logos. Antopos means mankind while logos mean study; there fore anthropology is the study of mankind. However anthropology is a lot broader and the focus is on every aspect of the human being,Read More

Discussion of relevant social factors

The two social factors that are most relevant to this essay are the following: Mechanisms underlying self-serving beliefs and Informativeness. A mechanism underlying self-serving beliefs is the fact that people are more likely to adopt self-serving beliefs about themselves and comforting beliefs about the world. It is the tendency to attributeRead More

Social Control

During the Progressive era, Americans were trying hard to achieve social control which was to achieve racial superiority, and gain control of their family life and of women. After the increase of industrialization, American men found themselves faced with more women in the work place. Women, especially feminists, wanted toRead More


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