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School and her classmates

Unlike the (anti) heroines of other high-school-in-hell creations (Heathers, The Craft), Buffy is fighting to save her school and her classmates from total destruction. Despite her pastel goth tendencies toward alienation and disaffection, Buffy is actually trying to maintain order in Sunnydale-on-Hellmouth. One of the main aspects of growing up hasRead More

Classical school vs Positive school

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries people who committed offenses, such as robbery, stealing or those perceived to be witches were usually punished by either burning at the stake, hanging, decapitation, and drawing and quartering. The justice system of the day was very cruel and people, mostly theRead More

Lessons at primary school

Piaget and Vygotsky emphasise different aspects of cognition. What are the educational implications of their ideas? How have the criticisms of writers such as Donaldson affected the standing of their theories? Aspects of cognition and the theorists behind them have had much literature devoted to the subject. Since the 1970’s Piaget’sRead More

School extension

Interserve Ltd. (‘Contractor’) are 41 weeks in on a school extension (‘The Project’), which is to be handed over at the end of week 60. The project is on an existing occupied secondary school site for Merthyr Council (‘Client’) in Wales. The procurement approach is a novated Design & Build (D&B),Read More

School and someone spray-paints

Another criticism of homosexual portrayals in the media is of the romantic interests given to the homosexual characters, or lack of. While you can see the heterosexual characters kissing and making out in most episodes, Kurt has no romantic storylines in the first season. The closest he came to itRead More

Frequent Testing at School

Lecture, notes taken, text reading: It is mid-term eve and many students have yet to feel confidently prepared for the first of two tests that will determine their all-important grade. “Where to start, what to study? ” is commonly pondered, extending the procrastination into a sleepless night as many studentsRead More

Girls in schools

Boys are said by some to be ‘underachieving’ at school. What measures have been suggested and/or implemented in order to improve boys’ performance? What are the implications of these measures for girls in schools? Throughout this essay I will aim to discuss boys underachievement at school, with regards to measuresRead More

Teaching at the St. Elena High School

Teaching has been a great experience. At first, I was actually bummed out about having to come to school on Saturdays, have a lesson plan prepared for each week, and having to be able to handle a forty-student class for forty-five minutes once a week. On the first Saturday, IRead More

Water plants and land plant

Similar lessons can also be done with plants, with pupils looking at the different features of water plants and land plants. If there is a school pond pupils could go and collect samples of plants themselves (with adult supervision), and also observe the different types of mini-beasts that can beRead More

Dhirubhai Ambani International School

“Men willingly believe what they wish” was said by the great king of Rome, Julius Caesar, he meant, that only if you believe and work towards it with perseverance, then your dream will be realized. Belief is what your heart knows to be true and with belief only can youRead More


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