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Romantic Relationships

Compare and contrast two theories of the maintenance and breakdown of romantic relationships, including research studies. (25 marks) One theory of the maintenance and breakdown of relationships is Social Exchange Theory. This theory, proposed by Homans (1974), says that we view our interactions with others in terms of rewards andRead More

Lesbian relationships

Discuss research into ‘understudied relationships’, such as gay and lesbian relationships, and mediated (e.g. Internet and txt) relationships One type of understudied relationship is homosexual relationships. These have been found to be different to heterosexual relationships in certain ways but similar in others by a variety of different research. They mayRead More

Interpersonal relationships

To try and counter-act this study Duck (1995) explained that the research into matching hypothesis theory is limited because it only looks at the initial meeting between two people and does not take into consideration a studies over a long period of time. There is a lack of research intoRead More

Outline and evaluate research into the nature of relationships

The nature of relationships between Western and Non-Western societies is often largely different. One distinct difference between them is whether the relationships are voluntary or non-voluntary. Many have concluded that within Western society relationships are voluntary because of high geographical mobility, access to the internet and the increased opportunities toRead More

A Contrast between Relationships

In Winston’s relationship with Julia, sex was a pivotal aspect, if not the only aspect, of the relationship so it had to be first-rate. Julia claims to have had trysts with hundreds of arty members. This only made Winston feel more attracted to her because he knows that she hasRead More

Outline and evaluate one theory of the formation of romantic relationships

One of the theories that helps explain why some people choose one person over the other or some relationships just don’t work is the ‘Filter Model’ (FM) which was proposed by Kerchoff and Davis in 1962. The FM argues that relationships develop through 3 filters, so therefore, different factors are importantRead More

Describe and evaluate explanationsof maintenance in relationships

According to Levinger’s stage theory of maintenance (1980), over time a relationship becomes more intimate. The five stages in his model are: 1) Acquaintance – a relationship starts with mutual attraction. 2) Build-up – couple may become increasingly interdependent. Perhaps based on rewards and costs. 3) Continuation – relationship becomes consolidated. 4) Deterioration –Read More

People Relationships

The upper class comprises of people from the upper strata of the caste hierarchy such as the Brahmins and also people who own considerable amount of wealth such as the Brahmins. Here wealth would mean wet land, education level, house type, whether they have jobs or businesses, number of vehiclesRead More

How does Shakespeare present relationships

How does Shakespeare present relationships between men and women in ‘The Taming of The Shrew’? Shakespeare uses the relationships in the play in order to express his own views of society and the roles of men and women in the Elizabethan era. Through his portrayal of the two genders inRead More

How many victims of domestic violence leave domestic relationships?

Domestic violence is actually a cycle which is in form of stages. The first stage is referred to as abuse which involves intimidating the victim by making him/her feel inferior. This may be physical, psychological or both. The second stage is known as guilt. This is the feeling that theRead More