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Social Psychology

In terms of direct cost “people tend to block actions that result in higher direct costs or lower benefits than the existing situation” (University of Phoenix. (Ed.), 2005, p. 479). No one wants to be affected in a negative way by a change in company policy or structure. People willRead More

Gleitman Psychology

When it comes to looking at the biogenic perspective of psychopathy, it is much more difficult to apply it to phobia etiology and treatment, as there is very little that it directly suggests for such a case. Instead, it is perhaps better to take a more general view of biogenicRead More

Debate in psychology

Researchers and theorists have long been interested in whether perceptual abilities are predominantly inborn or are a product of learning processes. This question forms part of the wider nature-nurture debate in psychology. Psychologists on the ‘nature’ side of the debate, referred to as ‘nativists’, argue that the abilities are innateRead More

Lab Manual Psychology

The subjects used for this experiment were 20, female, albino Spague-Dawley rats. The rats were raised in standard laboratory conditions, and were approximately 16 months old at the beginning of the experimental process, which formally started on March 4, 2002. The subjects were not experimentally na�ve as they had participatedRead More

Developmental psychology

Developmental psychology is a field in which there are many conflicting opinions and theories. Fore example the theories of Piaget (1897-1980) to this day remain an area of great ambiguity and discussion amongst psychologists. However, no one can deny that Piaget’s theory was revolutionary of its time and changed theRead More

Psychology and the Environment

Psychologists have done many studies regarding personal space and territory. Definitions for personal space and territory have been defined and are as follows: Personal space: A “bubble” that surrounds us that we do not like people to trespass within. The bubble changes according to the situation we find ourselves in. ItRead More

General Psychology

As the estimations for dots seem to be higher when the dots are arranged in a random arrangement, than the dots arranged regularly, it seems that the experiment doesn’t agree with Ginsburg’s RRNI theory. The results also disprove the hypothesis put forward at the beginning of the experiment. It wasRead More

Social Psychology

An opportunity sample was used to obtain 30 participants of varying ages. 15 participants were of ethnic minority origin (black) the other fifteen were of English origin (white). Gender was of no importance in this study and therefore not recorded. Materials See the Appendix section for photos used as stimulus material andRead More

Social Psychology

Motivation is a responsibility of internal and external versatile factors. The changes in the university framework as well as changes in Indian students’ levels of improvement show the way to changes in their motivational reactions. In general, the statistics seems to fit some extent to the models of student changeoverRead More

The psychology of risk

In this lifetime where diverse elements of competition are at hand, it is essential for an individual to be responsibly aware of the decision making process albeit with all its risks and challenges. In addition, it is imperative to explicate the psychology of successful risk takings by means of beingRead More


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