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Environmental Psychology

The behaviour of the rats under crowded conditions deteriorated so much that Calhoun described the effect as the behavioural sink. Despite a quarter of an acre of space with no predators the population levelled off at one hundred and fifty while such a space might have been predicted to accommodateRead More

Social Psychology

Moreover, a questionnaire distributed to participants after the study took place revealed that 84 per cent were glad they had been involved and claimed it had been a beneficial experience; 74 per cent said they had learned something of personal importance, with only 1. 3 per cent reporting negative feelings.Read More

A Level Psychology

One reason that studying memory and organisation may be interesting is because the area was neglected, up until the 1990’s, when psychologists became interested in how an ‘enormously important but complex facility operates in people’ after being stimulated by the attempts to provide information about computer systems and how informationRead More

Psychology: Eight Stages of Development

Erik Erickson developed a theory that deals with eight stages of development, and covers the whole life span. According to Erickson, the first sage is from birth to one year old, and is the time when you develop your basic trust, which he states is being the cornerstone of aRead More

Developmental Psychology

The aim of this study was to research adults knowledge of developmental norms in infants. It was found that although the results in 2 of the hypotheses were in the right direction the results were not significant. Females had no increased knowledge of developmental norms than males, those with siblingsRead More

Why do people obey?

Although obedience has both negative and positive sides it depends on the circumstances to which it is concerned. there are plenty such examples throughout history where one group of people kill another group, for example the Nazis regime ordering German soldiers to torture and kill millions of innocent Jews atRead More

Relation to psychology

Distinguish between subjectivity and objectivity in relation to psychology. This essay is going to summarise, define and evaluate the psychodynamic and behaviourist approaches to psychology using objective and subjective scientific research. Folk psychology is an explanation of everyday human behaviour which is motivated by beliefs and desires. The explanation was developed byRead More

Psychology as a separate discipline

Psychology itself is a comparatively new field, but its roots can be traced back to early Philosophers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, who had for years, contemplated the human mind and the relationships between people and society. Hippocrates, for example, philosophized about basic human temperaments and their related traits,Read More

Three schools of counselling psychology

Counselling involves a therapist who offers certain conditions, activities and methods and aims to help clients live more effective lives. Meltzoff and Kornreich (1970) defined counselling as “informed and planful application of techniques derived from established psychological principles” With regards to one to one talk therapies, there are eight mainstreamRead More

Psychology Revision

Juries consist of twelve people, and often their verdicts of guilt or innocence aren’t unanimous. In this case, the view of the majority can greatly influence the minority in reaching a verdict. In a study conducted by Asch – though not originally a forensic study – he aimed to show howRead More