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Policies and institutions

Stren and Polese (2000) define social sustainability as “policies and institutions that have the overall effect of integrating diverse groups and cultural practices in a just and equitable fashion”. Arguably, the greatest threat to the social sustainability of coffee production results from the economic conditions facing coffee producers (IISD, 2011).Read More

Key accounting policies

Fiat group put into practice an interpretation IFRIC 4 as of January 1, 2006. To be very particular about the interpretation it specifies that an arrangement contains a lease if it depends on the use of a particular asset and hand over a right to control the use of thatRead More

U.S. Policies On R&D, Higher Education And Science Policies

United States spends billions of dollars yearly in the promotion of research and development, Higher education and science policies. Table 1 above shows the performance of United States to the policies of Higher education in 2007. The total US performance on tertiary education shows that US is ahead of EuropeRead More

Uk Innovation Policies

The UK policy of innovations has been very encouraging since the conservative government came to power in 1979. In the 1980s, UK government actively embarked on the policies to develop R & D and the growth of British companies. In the 1980s, the British government granted Nissan the total amountRead More

Finland Innovation Policies

The Finland government started pursuing the innovation policies from 1980s. The government policies and an instrument on innovations has now made the country to be among the innovation leaders in Europe. Its policies on innovation has led to the substantial growth Nokia Corporation that has become one of the leadingRead More

Belgium Innovation Policies

Although Flanders had been launching programs for the innovations of the country’s development before 1990s, it was in the middle of 1990s that the government focused on the R & D. Funding of R & D increased by 1% 1990s and by 3% in the year 2000. Between 2000 andRead More

U.S. Innovation policies

Apart from innovation system and policies at the level of firms, the policies of innovations have also gone into National and regional level. In today’s global economy, local and regional authorities have an ever-increasing responsibility to reinforce the capacity of their territories. In comparing the policies of innovation of EuropeanRead More

Southwest Airlines policies

Southwest Airlines, Fortune Magazine’s Top 10 most admired corporations for the last 11 years and Forbes’ magazine’s No. 1 airline in 2003 and 2004 as far as innovation, financial soundness, employee talent, quality of management, use of corporate assets, long-term investments, social responsibility and quality products/services are concerned, is theRead More


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